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Very Good

Budget Title Done Quite Well & Gameplay

posted by marshall84 (ASHEVILLE, NC) Nov 22, 2008

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I recently had the opportunity to play this game and it's overall a fun game with its involvement of decent storyline, the feeling of being an actual secret service agent. It pulled me in rather quickly, but there are some flaws I've come to find. For 1: The aiming to taking down your enemies/controls are not strong, but I cant say weak either. The sniper rifle is very accurate, but to take down 1-3 enemies with your sub-machine gun takes nearly half a clip or more.
That alone, can be tiring and frustrating to the gamer.

The story is actually good. I was suprised to enjoy it as much as I had. I won't give out any spoilers, it's worth renting to see & play. The graphics are done very well. Nothing outo f this world amazing, but it's realistic to how the government really pushes the envelope to take take of its own & the president. It gives you that sense of feeling I've come to find.

The levels are not long. Each mission didn't take me no more than an hour each & at the longest. You do have a good selection of weapons. Your primary pistol, sub-machine gun, sniper, magnum & so on. I would recommend this game for a good shooter, but I will also bring out of very much so of how repetative the game is overall. Your doing nearly the same objectives over & over, diffrence is, you have diffrent targets and ways of getting to the targets to take down for elimination for protection of yourself & the secret service. Hence the name of the name.

I'll give this a good 8 out of 10. It's worth the rental. If you like it enough, then I'd suggest keeping it. It's cheaper thru Gamefly to keep games anyways! Thank you for reading my review. I hope you found it helpful. Enjoy Gamers!

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A budget title that deserves some attention.

posted by GAMEFISH (OOLTEWAH, TN) Nov 12, 2008

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The game was not promoted at all. In fact, the debut trailer wasn't made available until 2 weeks before its release. Now I wouldn't go so far as to call it a sleeper hit, but it's definitely worth a rent for shooter fans. Unlike many budget shooters out there, Secret Service gets the formula right. The controls area bit on the stiff side, but it's totally playable and enjoyable as well. Just don't come away from Call of Duty right before you play it.

At first the game feels a little cheesy, but it gets more challenging the further you get into it. And shooting in many of DC's familiar settings is definitely a perk. Give it a try! I'm certainly enjoying it.

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Could have been better and worse

posted by LtDrum (NEWPORT NEWS, VA) Feb 6, 2009

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All in all not a terrible game. It is not a Call of Duty but it was not all that bad. It kinda reminds me of 007 for the N64. The shooting mechanic worked fairly well. Head shots meant kills and shots in the legs made the enemy AI stumble. The in game dialogue is funny at times (In a good way). If you are thinking "This might be an interesting game"... Go ahead and rent it, At worst you don’t like it and send it back. The only big problem I had is that it ... as always ... was a somewhat short game. Good luck with POTUS Detail!

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