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Secret Files: Tunguska


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Above Average

File this in the Rental cabinet

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Jul 5, 2010

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Nina goes off to see her father in his office in a museum only to find that he’s vanished under mysterious circumstances. So, naturally, it’s up to her to find her papa and get to the bottom of his disappearance.
And so begins Secret Fuiles: Tunguska, a point and click adventure that … pretty much sticks with the standard point and click formula.
The story is divided up into several sections, and in each section the player has to solve several puzzles. The most common way is using items littered over the locations in the section, combining the items together and using the combined items on other objects. Solving the problems gives your more item(s) which you need to solve the later puzzles in each section.
This game also asks you to find out codes to unlock a locker, a computer and to extend a bridge across a span.
And just like with any other point and click adventure, the game makers try to make the puzzles complex and thrilling. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not; some of the puzzles get so tough that it can frustrate players - which brings the game to a halt.
Which is why there’s Google, a place where you can find all the answers you need to get through this game. (This game is the Wii version of a PC game that came out several years ago.)
As for the story about the secret behind the 1908 Tunguska catastrophe, it didn’t thrill me very much. With all the answers, I got through the game in about six hours - a good run time for the genre.
But there is one detraction Secret Files has from the standard point and click game; if you hold down the 1 button, you can see all the objects you can interact with; there’s no more annoying pixel by pixel searches. This is one feature I’d like to see in future point and click games.
Secret Files: Tunguska will thrill some point and click enthusiasts, but it doesn’t rise above the standard set by other games in the genre. RENT IT.

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GF Rating

Very Good

if you like games like monkey island

posted by wcgbraves (KATHLEEN, GA) Jul 2, 2010

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then this is a game you will enjoy it has the best story of yet with a game like this. The basic of the game is solving puzzles by combining items in your inventory. This game unlike other point and click games helps you by letting you know where an item might used. The game does not have you going around in circles trying to find where the item goes so it is unlikely you will get stuck on any level.

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Bad Overall

posted by Jat380 (UNIONTOWN, PA) Sep 15, 2010

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Bad writing, bad acting, and bad recording. Several times the audio level drops as if the actors turn away from the microphone. More than once I swear I heard stuff moving! The epilogue was totally cheesy and they somehow managed to make the lines here worst than the rest of the dialog. Then there's the autopilot scene at the end, which is immediately surpassed in horribleness afterwards by the fake outtakes.

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