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Scooby Doo: Unmasked

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Also on:GC, GBA, PS2, DS
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Gameplay Controls

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Scooby Doo: Unmasked

Left Thumbstick Walk/Run.Swing on Monkey Bars, Hooks, and Rings. Up= Pull Up From Ledge.
A Button Jump. Double-Jump (Double-Tap). Grab and Hang From Ledge, Bars, or Cable (Press and Hold).
B Button Drop From Ledge/Monkey Bars
X Button Drop From Ledge/Monkey Bars

B Button Slide Attack
X Button Spin Attack
Combo #1 Jump + B = Roll Attack
Combo #2 Double-Jump + B = Smash Attack

B Button Shoot Toilet Plunger (With Robin Hood Costume). Mega Strike (Hold and Release, With Kung Fu Costume).
X Button Kung Fu Punch (With Kung Fu Costume)
Combo #1 Jump + X = Jump Kick (With Kung Fu Costume)
Combo #2 X + X = Karate Chop (With Kung Fu Costume)
Combo #3 X + X + X = Spin Kick (With Kung Fu Costume)

Right Thumbstick Move Camera
A Button Select in Menus
B Button Cancel in Menus
X Button Make Costume (In Front of Costume Machine). Interact With NPC.
Y Button Display HUD
Start Pause Menu
Back Cancel in Menus