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Scarface: The World Is Yours

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Scarface is incredibly deep

posted by lazygamer (Northridge, CA) Oct 10, 2006

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Open-play 3rd person games are usually typecast as GTA clones. Games based on or inspired by movies almost always are sub par, save for a few instances (e.g. Riddick, Star Wars). Scarface addresses both issues with ease, not only improving upon the GTA model, but also continuing the legend of Tony instead of riding alongside unchangeable events as they happen (like The Godfather).
Targeting and shooting has really been vastly improved and deepened compared to other similar games. Not only can you target specific body parts, but a special "balls" system rewards you for bravado and bragging as only Tony can. The "balls" system really captures the spirit of Tony, as he dares enemies to shoot him, puffing his chest out, swinging his arms, walking around like he's invincible, amidst machine gun fire. Work up the meter enough and you can switch to a limited-time, first-person "god mode", where you can replenish health with each kill. So if you're surrounded and you're health is almost gone but your "balls" meter is full, you'll get your health back in a fun and very gangster way (nice change from the random health packs in other games...though they do exist here too).
Other greatness is obvious in other gangster tasks. Hiring a driver who will deliver a car to you with a phonecall. Intimidating people on the street for extra "balls". Dealing "yeyo" using a nice deal-meter involving a button press meter. Even laundering dirty money is necessary!
The missions themselves make sense to the entire story. They don't seem random and convoluted. Everything Tony is somehow directly related to taking him back to the top.
The voice acting is awesome (like Metal Gear-good), some of which are from the original movie. The opening credits display one recognizable name after another. It's not Pacino, but you wouldn't know if they didn't tell you.
My only complaint (if any) is that the graphics aren't anything to brag about.
Put simply, you ARE Tony in the game.

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All I Have is This Game and So Much Time

posted by Kamahl08 (TAMPA, FL) Oct 5, 2006

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Undoubtedly if you are reading this review you must be a huge fan of the movie. If not you there is still much fun to be had. This game starts out with the mansion shootout, which would be the best opening level of alltime if not for Medal of Honor: Frontline(they are tied). Another great game this one has similarities with is Chronicles of Riddick. It is a kick but adaptation of a movie to a console game. As opposed to the movie Tony Montana actually lives through the end scene of the movie. You then spend the duration of the game regaining the money so you can get the power which leads to the women. All of this can actually be achieved by physically brokering deals with drug lords for "yeyo" by using a distinct conversation system which is normally hilarious but serves an interesting function in the deals. On the other hand this game is about the greatest gangster of all in the greatest shootout of all time so the targeting system must be stellar. Right on, it definitely is. While using the lock-on system made famous by GTA, but has an inner targeting system. Meaning, once you are locked on to a non-innocent target you can target indiviual parts for example a leg or an arm. As for non-innocent Tony Montana even though he is a ruthless muderer he does have morals. You can't run over innocent bystanders or just shoot anybody, they must do something to hurt you, further adding to the expirience that you are Tony Montana. Something that has been developed is the "balls" system. Meaning that opposed to returning fire in a shootout, you can stand and taunt just like Tony. Or when you kill somebody you can stand over their body and taunt. "You thought you can "explitive" with the best?!" This is just one of the 33,000 lines in the game. As for the voice-overs this game features an all-star cast Wilder Valderama, Anthony Anderson and Mr. Marin, sadly Al Pacino's voice isn't used, but I swear the guy who does it souds just like. This game is yours!

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A Bit Disappointing...

posted by Cobalt80 (FLORISSANT, MO) Oct 12, 2006

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Scarface is a revered film in my collection and a timeless classic to many. I was skeptical about a game adaptation so before playing this, I decided to jump into the game with an open mind...knowing that it can't be the EXACT clone of the film. Though Scarface has plenty to boast about, it does fall short in storyline and playability. Before I criticize this game, let me first say that I did enjoy the open feel Scarface carried which was similar (but not perfected) to Rockstar's GTA series. I also thought the voice over work was incredible and the voice of Tony Montana (André Sogliuzzo) was a dead ringer to Al Pacino. I also found the game to have a simple control scheme and carried a fast learning curve. Graphically, I found it to be above average but nothing worth salivating over. Nonetheless, the game world and characters are quite stunning which adds to the feel and experience. What did bother me about this game was the awful AI. If I assaulted someone or went to shoot someone, they would just stand there, crouch, or yell "Don't hurt me". I rarely had anyone attack me and when they did it was very easy to drop them. The thing that hurt this game the most is that after awhile, I forgot I was playing the character of Tony Montana...I felt that I was playing a whole new game because of the ridiculous missions offered and character behaviors presented in the game that just didn't see eye to eye with the film...making the storyline outlandish. I'm not so obtuse to think that there would NOT be any new developments with the game, but honestly the attitude and playability just didn't hold up to the true themes of Scarface. Does it make it a bad game? No. But does it really add a bit of frustration to the people who really love the movie...yes. I think you should rent this game and draw your own conclusions. It's a good game but definitely not one I would plan on purchasing or rave about for some time.

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