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Scarface: The World Is Yours

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Scarface - This game should be yours

posted by Sonick (BORDENTOWN, NJ) Oct 15, 2006

Member since Aug 2004

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Scarface The World is yours is an amazing game. IF you are a fan of the movie than you will love this but even if you haven't seen the movie you may not get everything but you will still enjoy the game. This game starts off with the end of the movie where you shout "Say hello to my little friend!" and blow down the door. This is such a kick butt opening sequence that really shows you the ropes of the gameplay. After battling your way out of the mansion the cops come and take over the scene and now you must flee with noting to your name but your balls and the clothes on your back. You work your way back to the top by making cocain deals and selling to drug dealers, then as you work up the ladder you make more and more money and larger deals. Of course as Tony Montana you have plenty of awesome lines you can utter at the press of a button. The voice acting is phenomenal and you'll be using the taunt button often during combat. The gunplay is great with a variety of high power weapons to take the money, power, and women all back. Tony Montana does not kill people who don't have it coming so don't expect this to ba another GTA clone where you run around killing everyone for money and fun. But don't worry, there is plenty of gore and enemies to fight for you so your hands will be full. This game just kicks total butt. You can customize your mansion after buying things. You can even buy henchmen to help you out in the game. The only reason I give it a 9 and not a 10 is because there are some things that annoy me. When a car is in motion and you get near it you fall down every time and it gets annoying when you can't get close to any cars. Another thing is the cops, sometimes they come during missions and you are forced to escape from them while your goal is slipping away from you. These really don't hold the game back though. Scarface is an awesome game and you can trust me 'cause I always tell the truth, even when I lie.

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More than what I anticipated...

posted by BryceC (JACKSONVILLE, FL) Nov 13, 2006

Member since Sep 2005

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The game definitely impressed me. I figured it to be another GTA knock-off. It was great! I love how the game starts off from end of the movie where he has the "say hello to my little friend" scene but lives.

If you are looking for a game that you cant beat in 4 hours (Sopranos = sucks) and is a great remake of one of the best movies of all time.

Pros: great dialog; really captures the true Tony Montana; great cut-scenes, the missions are not repetitive, nice diversity (land/water); the "pimp-my-mansion" and customization features a plus, great concept with "balls meter" (rage meter). Handling of vehicles, aiming, and camera are not rocky. Overall, the game was put together nicely.

Cons: Its a little tough. However, kids under 15-16 shouldn't be playing it ( .... ;) ) The cops SUCK!!. Replay value exactly like GTA... when you beat it.. you just start running around town, beating up rival gangs.

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posted by angerman (MASON, MI) Jun 8, 2007

Member since May 2007

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Picked up at the end of the movie as if Tony had survived. With everything gone Tony must rebuild his entire empire from the ground up. Sell ya-yo on the streets to get the money to do so. Beat down, gun down, runover your enemies with all the anger, style, and flair as only Tony Montana can. Retakeover the four regions of Miami Little Havana, Downtown, North Beach, and South Beach to get the chance to bury that cockaroach Sosa. Blind rage mode is a complete blast. You'll be spitting out all Tony's signature phrases as you mow down everybody in front of you. A catalog gives you access to all Tony's exotics, which buying exotics earns you reputation pts to help you level up. I must say I really love the F you button, shouting profanities at random citizens is hilarioius. There is so much dialog in the game. Start conversations with peds. Hire henchmen to do all Tony's dirty work for him. Remember all you have in this world is your balls and your word, and don't break em' for nobody. Build up your balls meter to be able to enter blind rage mode. To build up your balls meter do ballsie things like dodge traffic. Buy this game.

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