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Like the movies... almost great.

posted by DevilSaint (SANTA ROSA, CA) Oct 8, 2009

Member since Sep 2009

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Let me first begin by saying I am a fan of the Saw franchise. Not so much what it is, but what it could be. The premise and potential of the Saw movies is what I love. It is also what I love about the game.

I bought the game at release and played it through on the Insane difficulty in three days of off and on playing. My rough estimate on total time played is 12 hours.

The game is made up of exploration, puzzles, and combat.

The environments are small enough you never spend too much time running from one encounter to the next. Hidden areas and items are common through out the game and rewards you for exploring.

The puzzles are enjoyable and rewarding to solve. While making use of some repetetive mechanics, the puzzles were always fun. Most puzzles can be passed on the first attempt against them. There were only a few were I had to replay them several times and never enough to get annoyed.

The combat was my least favorite part of the game. Aside from not being motivated to kill 90+% of the hostiles, the fighting felt awkward. Once the game's timing is mastered, there is only one type of enemy that still offers any genuine challenge.

The graphics and sound are both adequate. The environments are all places I would never want to be (big plus for a survival horro game). The music does a fine job of building and relieving tension throughout. The voice acting is really hit or miss depending on the character. Danny Glover is missed as the voice of Det. Tapp, but Tobin Bell does another great job delivering the full persona of Jigsaw. The random dialogue is extremely repetitous and makes the other characters feel like cardboard cutouts at times.

I enjoyed my first play through and am looking forward to playing it again. Earning achievement points is very easy in Saw and the average player should expect to earn 100% of them with minimal planning.

This game is a no-brainer for a rental and fans of the franchise should buy without fear

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A fun game better appreciated by fans of the films

posted by tsoharley (ADELANTO, CA) Nov 14, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

7 out of 7 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

STORY - The events of the game seem to take place between the second and third movies, with a main plot somewhat similar to the latter. You're a cop who's obsession to bring the Jigsaw killer to justice has destroyed many of the lives around you and each of them play a big part in the game you've been given. Of the six major chapter finale traps, two of them seem to be brand new while the remaining four are variations of those we've seen in the films. Along the way you will have to face off against many other Jigsaw minions who all want something you possess that they believe is the key to their freedom. To survive the many traps you'll need to solve various puzzles involving gears, circuit boards, valves and more. These puzzles, particularly the valve mini game, can sometimes be very frustrating but most of the time they are well done and fun. As with the movies, there is a twist in the story that you never see coming and the game has two alternate endings, one just as dark as the other.

SOUND - Ambient sounds and music give off an eerie vibe that keeps you on edge wondering what is around the next corner. The voice work by Tobin Bell is top notch, however, the supporting cast suffers from a lack of original lines. Hearing them beg for help gets old fast.

VISUALS - Neither the best nor the worst we've seen on the 360. The long abandoned asylum that the game takes place in is very detailed and varied. Though the setting is intended to be dark and gritty, sometimes it's really hard to spot tripwires and you often lose your head to a gruesome shotgun booby trap. If you're like me, you'll want to fail each finale once just to see spectacle of the kill.

CONTROLS - The controls are hit and miss, literally. When it comes to general navigation and puzzle solving they work as they should, however, during combat are clunky and unresponsive. This leads to unnecessary deaths and/or excessive use of health hypos.

STORY - 8.5
SOUND - 9.0

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GF Rating

Above Average


posted by WidOw629 (BEULAH, ND) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

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-The game was ok. The having to figure everything out from jigsaw was pretty difficult on some but kept you going. If your a person who wants to up thier gamerscore than this would be the game for you.

-The difficulty of this game is whatsoever not hard. Put it straight to insane difficulty and you will have zero trouble making it to the end.

-Graphics are ok, not the greatest for a 360.

- My overall opinion of the game, is if you like the movies and a tired of them coming out, than i would only just rent it and not buy it. I got this game from gamefly and the next day i had it back in the mail with 980G and only one walk though the game. But yes i would recommend it just because it is something different

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