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Above Average

Has its flaws, but still worth a look

posted by Bernini (HOLLYWOOD, FL) Mar 9, 2010

Member since Mar 2010

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Plotwise, the game is decent. It didn't really seem to conflict with the films, and the twist ending (if you choose that ending) wasn't bad. They got the atmosphere right, although the traps did get repetitive. After the first two levels or so, every trap you encounter is just previous traps reused/combined with other traps.

Combat was an issue. Due to the way the combat system works, weaker weapons are actually better most of the time. The locked weapons cases usually contain weapons you can easily get elsewhere, even though the game says they are supposed to be more powerful. There are a couple places that are only challenging if you don't have the gun (which isn't hard to obtain or hold onto if you conserve ammo). The 'boss' fight was laughable.
The use of barricades/locks on doors was interesting, but wasn't implemented in the right way. It's usually easier to just fight through than lock a door and find an alternate path, and most of the time the lock serves no purpose as you MUST fight through to advance.
Having enemies have limited time to kill you before they expire would have been interesting, but there seems to be a glitch; their timer doesn't start unless you hit them, so you might as well just kill them instead of waiting for time to run out.

It's not a hard game, probably take a solid weekend to play through, even if you don't use a guide. If you liked the movies, I'd recommend renting it. Would NOT buy it though.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Above average

posted by DoubleND (LITTLEFIELD, TX) Feb 25, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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Great game to rent...Wouldn't recommend buying it...lame weapons...great story if you like the Saw movies...pretty easy to beat

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GF Rating


It could have been better

posted by djseeho (MANASSAS, VA) Feb 8, 2010

Member since Feb 2010

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Saw left me feeling like I was watching the movie for a short period. The traps and puzzles, with the voice of Jigsaw, had a Saw feel to it. The only problem is that it gets repeated. Seems like every time you turn around there is another prisoner you have to fight, since he believes that you have the key to his survival. The puzzles get to be the same one quite often, and I must have stuck my hand in a toilet full of used needles about 10 times. If there is a sequel I hope that each stage is different, and doesn't repeat itself so much.

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