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Better Than Its Sequel, Be Ready To Die...Alot

posted by jay419 (PRAGUE, OK) Mar 20, 2011

Member since Jan 2009

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Played this when it came out and have since played Saw 2. This is a game for people who really love the Saw movies. The dark atmosphere and tough gameplay create a tense feeling the whole time you play it.


Very dark, I had to turn my T.V brightness up to see what I was doing. It may be dark to create a horror sense but probably to hide the graphics, which aren't good. There are a couple of scenes outside which reveal how black the interiors really are in comparison. At times it will be hard to see anything, even with the flashlight you carry. The atmosphere does feel scary and it looks just like the movie settings. But this game isn't breaking ground graphically.


You play as Detective Tapp (Danny Glover in the first film). Although Glover isn't in the game, I liked that it gave a supporting character from the first movie his own story. You go through Jigsaw's maze solving puzzles, fighting bad guys, and saving other victims. This is suppose to be happening between Saw 1 and 2. But there aren't any real plot points to add to the films. Much of the narrative you'll get from case files laying around. You'll have to read.


Okay at times and terrible at times. The puzzles will take awhile to master and the puzzle at the end is VERY hard. The combat is brief and you need good timing to strike. The traps all over the game world will kill you constantly. YOU WILL DIE OVER AND OVER. The best part are the clues hidden everywhere to open locks and solve puzzles. It's cool to search walls and mirrors to get combination lock's numbers. It'll serve you to pay attention to your surroundings.


If you liked the original 2 films I think you'll like this game. Use guides and walkthroughs to get through the tough parts. And be patient while you play. It can get very frustrating but remember this is not on Uncharted's level of gaming. But it does a descent job of bringing the Saw movie suspense to a console game.

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posted by frozennudist (COLDWATER, MI) Apr 24, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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That's all this game is. It's boring and repetitive. It's padded out annoying puzzles that are re-used over and over until you are only working on muscle memory. One of the puzzles is just a Memory Game with penalties.

It tries to give you plot twists but only ends up doing the very obvious. :SPOILERS: For example, at one point you have to save Mellisa Sing from a trap. She is the wife of Detective Sing, the partner of Tapp (The main character). Detective Sing died and the blame is laid on Tapp (even though Jigsaw placed the traps, but whatever.) Mellisa blames you for the death of her husband and constantly screams it when you save her. Howeer, she agrees to accompany you to live. Later on, however, SHE BETRAYS YOU! DUN DUN DUUUUUH!:SPOILERS END:

The ending sequence is very anti-climatic also, just because it's padded out with freaking Pipe Dream for most of it!

I've only saw the first movie and didn't care for it much, so I can't vouch for, "if you like the movies." However, on a game stand point, it fails at being a horror game (being that there is health given to you for every 20 feet, and there seem to be a large arsenal of revolvers just lying about during the second half.) It also fails at a puzzle game because the puzzles are so easy and uninspired it made me want to wait out the clocks so that there was just a semblance of challenge in here.

In short, the game sucks.

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Very Good

Very good!! a must play!!

posted by Brighton92 (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 2, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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to start off ignore all of those biased reviews from gamespot,this game is perfect.In this game we all get to find out what happens to detective Tapp from the first saw movie.through out the whole game you will spend your time exploring,solving puzzles(some hard yet a trill to do),sometimes fighting, and avoiding booby trap's. what makes this PS version different then the 360 is better lighting and the use of the six axis controller which you use in some situations. this game is fun and also involves alot of patients. overall this game is a must play for any saw fan or people who like a good puzzle.this game is also a very easy platinum too.

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