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posted by kidoplivous (CLEVELAND, OH) Sep 11, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

This game sucks so bad it made me want to power run Duke Nukem Forever and the new Aliens game!!! Stay away from this plastic piece of runny dog s h i t!!!!!!

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Really Bad

Annoying step backwards

posted by Patrick_Regan (SAN JOSE, CA) Mar 26, 2013

Member since Oct 2012

This game gives me the impression that both Saw and Saw II were made at the same time by different people who took the same basic graphics and decided to tell their own tale and use their own gameplay mechanics. Now, I know that is not what happened but it makes you think how the first could have wound up worlds better than this sequel.

Where to start with this pile of steamy puke scented manure. Don't play this game, that at least I can be clear to say. Not even if your a fan of the movie franchise. Don't play this game.

The gameplay is mostly comprised of combat through quick time events, for which failing is instant death, and stumbling around invisible wall filled darkly lit hallways. Said hallways not even a high bright setting on your game / ps3 / or TV will fix. Its actually a mechanic built right into the game engine. Get a bit of damage on yourself (Not hard to do) and the screen gets a bit darker. Start to see the heart beat monitor on the bottom of the screen, welcome to the dark world. You'll find yourself sticking yourself with syringes not because your afraid of dying but because you can't see anything.

You will also find yourself dying more often than you'd like. Plus loading the game full of quick time combat does not make for fun playing. In fact it is the defining annoyance of this game.

It has added a few puzzles since the last game, which is probably the best point to the game. Its a small thing but with games this bad you have to find some kind of bright spot.

The graphics are sub-par, very sub-par. Sure, they have not noticeably gotten worse from the last but honestly that is not saying a thing. The former game made up for its poor graphics with decent gameplay, fun puzzles, and the like. This game only compounds its bad graphics with other horribly designed things like quicktime combat (only form of combat in the game!!), EXTREMELY poorly lit environments, and a throw away story your left wanting to erase from your memory.

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Above Average

jg reviews SAW 2 flesh and blood

posted by battlemage (PLEASANT GROVE, AL) Feb 27, 2013

Member since Feb 2011

If you havent heard of the saw series.... really if not saw is a horror film series that fellows a group of people imprisoned by a serial killer named jigsaw or john kramer who builds deathtraps and kidnaps people to put these traps on or more like test these traps on but heres the kicker the people jigsaw kidnap arent inocent.The game series of saw takes place in between the films mostly in this game in between the first and second fellowing detective trapts son-danny glover in the films but does this live up to the films or the hype no not at all i can understand that the puzzles are supposed to be hard and fun to figure out but at same points you dont care about the mind bending choices you have to descide like for example. Your given a choice kill this guy to save that guy or save that guy to let the other die you dont care you havent bonded with these very unknown characters your supposed to care for you dont even know them no prolugue outside of the jigsaw levels where your trying to make it threw this painful experince of a game heres another reason why this game just is painful to play you got a flash light to use but there is this like ten second lag for the flashlight to light up the way because without that flash light you are... you get the idea when that flashlights off you dont know where your going your lost its pitch black and it sucks trying to know where to go there isnt a fighting mechanic in this game its a mini game button masher like out of god of war series which sounds cool at first but after an hour of button masher not just from fighting but trap doors the traps themselves the game just felt unfinished this game could of been great but he fails to live up to its big name this could of worked as a short playstation network xbox live arcade game it has the chance of not being just agreat film series but a good videogame series but this game just does not live up to that standard." overall grade C-

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