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GF Rating


Be ready to replay every stage multiple times.

posted by jay419 (PRAGUE, OK) Oct 30, 2010

Member since Jan 2009

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Like the first game, this one takes many attempts to advance to the next stage. Toward the end I spent an entire hour getting through a rotating floor beaming lights that blow you up. YES AN HOUR, NO I'M NOT EXAGGERATING.
Like the first game I had to set my T.V brightness up just to see the graphics which are not great.
Unlike the first game, the combat and trip wires and chases are worse. Before, you could whack a guy with a bat. Now you have button prompts which are more difficult and less fun.
The puzzles are pretty much the same except there is a new light-bulb puzzle I could not figure out. I solved each one on accident. And there is no big puzzle maze at the end like the first one. There are better clues around the environment this time around for unlocking doors and such. (riddles on walls, glow in the dark numbers etc..)
The story is not as good as the first game and the plot itself wasn't told very well. Most of the details are in case files you find and have to read. This is a sequel that follows Detective Tapp's son Michael trying to figure out what happened to his father.

!!!Spoiler!!! In the beginning you play as another character Cambell who has a choice to live or die. He needs to die in order to get the good alternate ending for Michael.

This game is what it is. If you liked the first game you'll probably like this one too. Remember its hard to play and you die every 30 seconds. The controls and game mechanics are clunky and the camera is up close to your back so its hard to see where you are and what your doing especially in the dark.

Saw 2 is not as fun as the first game. Not as tense or scary. Even darker environment than the first. Not as well written or directed or animated. Just remember this isn't Uncharted 2 or Assassins Creed. Its behind the times a bit but be patient and you'll have a good enough 6-8 hours of play.

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GF Rating


More trouble than it's worth!

posted by Ericknopf (FAIR LAWN, NJ) Nov 24, 2010

Member since May 2010

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While the game isn't terrible, and the graphics are actually pretty good, most of this game is more trouble than it's worth. When trying to figure out certain puzzles, the game's director or programmers made a lot of assumptions as to what the potential player has knowledge of. At certain points, because the puzzles were too annoying, I found myself not caring about the extra items one can collect. The game director comes across as caring too much about replay ability when it is discovered that in order to get both endings one has to replay the game completely from the beginning, something that I no longer cared about since going through it once was annoying enough.

If you're a fan of the first saw game, and the movies, it's an "o.k." game to play. Otherwise steer clear of it.

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GF Rating

Very Good

just like being in the movie yourself

posted by Brighton92 (BROOKLYN, NY) Nov 19, 2010

Member since Nov 2010

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so start off please ignore those other reviews talking bad about the game . i just got this game today and boy,i tell you i got hooked instantly. the graphics look great in my opinion and the voice acting is great too.this game just like the first involves exploring and solving puzzles and a bit fighting. the fighting mechanics sucks on saw 2 compared to the first here you have match the button on the screen to attack such as you see X you press to the puzzles, most of the common puzzles from the first game are back with a twist and some new puzzles aswell such as memorization(i wont spoil nothing).now on to gameplay, through the story you will play as michael tapp son of detective david tapp who is trying to find out what really happened to his father but he gets kidnapped by whom else the pig head and so the game begins.the controls are alot like the first one except the fighting. you walk barefoot AGAIN!! (bummer). jingsaw also has new tricks up his sleeve which i wont spoil but when you see them first hand yourself you will be surprised. some of the puzzles are tough like this one lighting puzzle which i cant beat ..yet or like in the movie you have to find a combination to a lock but there are a whole lot of numbers writin on the wall and you dont know what's what but when you solve it you will be like man,i didnt think i could do that. if you are a SAW fan and or puzzle fan go for this game and the first one too. this game is a must play i'm really enjoying it so far. give this game a chance dont listin to someone else's bad experience or critics bias reviews.

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