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Horse Armor

In New Officer mode, Scenario 3 (Battle of Nagashino), when you are given the mission to eliminate Nobunaga Oda, enter his camp within one minute. The supply unit will show up inside the camp.

Regain horse's full health

Whenever your horse is about to die or has some damage done to it, get off, then get back on. The horse's health will be full again.

Hard Levels of ABYSS

On the hard levels of ABYSS you can simply roll through the entire floor without getting a scratch until you reach the boss general. Even during the short intervals in which stand up, you will be immune to attack.

Nobunaga Oda True Musou Combo

This combo only works against officers because they do not enter slow motion during a Musou. Press Square, Triangle(3) (air combo). During a true Musou, this combo will cause heavy damage to an officer, and perhaps even deplete his entire life bar. It is very effective in hard mode.


The books are found in Survival Mode Abyss. Book of Earth: Clear the 6th floor. Book of Water: Clear the 12th floor Book of Fire: Clear the 18th floor Book of Wind: Clear the 24th floor Book of Air: Clear the 30th floor (you must defeat Lu Bu)

Element Rune

In Kenshin's story, Scenario 3 (Kawanakajima Showdown), get 1,000 KOs. A supply unit will show up on the east side of the region.

Guiding Doll

In Goemon's story, Scenario 4A (Osaka Infiltration), collect all treasure on the first floor. The item will show up as a treasure.

Hachiman Bell

In Masamune Date's storym Scenario 5B (Odawara Campaign), on the third floor, find every false staircase before finding the real one. After all false staircases are found, the item will show up on the map as a treasure.

Healing Balm

In Survival Mode Tower, clear all thirty floors. You will be awarded the rare item. A maxed out character is highly recommended.

Fight against Lu Bu

Get to the sublevel 30 in the Abyss in survival mode, then go to the blue map square.