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Samurai Warriors: Katana


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GF Rating

570 ratings

Gameplay Controls

Samurai Warriors: Katana
Control Pad
Use Items
A Button
Confirm. Normal Melee Attacks.
B Button
Cancel/Skip Events. Normal Ranged Attacks.
+ Button
Help Screen
C Button
Target Enemy
Z Button
Block Attacks
Normal Attack Sword/Spear/Hammer
Charged Sword Attack
Musou Sword Attack
Repeatedly swing Wii Remote in various directions.
Charge Attack Hammer
Mousou Attack Hammer
Normal Attack Blade
Charge Attack (Whip) Blade
Mousou Blade Attack
Normal Attack Bows/Guns/Cannons
Reloading Arrows
Aim Pointer off television screen and press the B Button.
Normal Boomerang Attack
Weapon Lock
Shake both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to win the weapon lock.