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A Great Game.

posted by VagabondX (SACRAMENTO, CA) Jul 22, 2009

Member since Jan 2008

I hear alot of people complaining that your just a grunt and that you never get to see your character. But i think that is one of the better parts of the game, it allows you to imagine what your character would be.

Also, the game gives a great selection of weapons to use, with a combination of a melee weapon, sword, etc. and a ranged weapon, bow, etc. Which gives a feeling that you arent just the average sword wielding grunt.

I would recommend this game to any fan of Samurai Warriors, as many of the characters show up in the game. As well as to anyone who likes hack and slash games, cause thats what this basically is, just in another point of view.

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Sword fighting...on rails? Tell me more!

posted by Zerodin (MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO) Feb 23, 2008

Member since Feb 2006

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Samurai Warriors: Katana is actually an offshoot of the "Dynasty Warriors" series(You know, lay the smack down on hundreds of enemy samurai, and ninjas). The main differences is that this game is played in the first person perspective, and the action for most of the game is set up like a rail shooter(Ghost Squad, RE:UC, etc.).
The gameplay mechanics are fun, you have (A) to do your basic attack, a stab, slash, or swipe(depending on your weapon) with the Wiimote unleashes a more powerful blow. When your special meter is full, shake the nunchuk and you can unleash a crazed flurry of attacks by rapidly stabbing, and slashing with the Wiimote.
The number of levels makes you stand back and go, "Wow, this is alot of game for my money!", and it is, while some levels are easy, others require some planning. You are given a variety of weapons during the game, Melee weapons like swords and spears, as well as ranged weapons, like bows and muskets. You can not only upgrade your weapons, but you can upgrade your skills as well. Think of it as an arcade style rpg.

With so many levels, special trials, and a VS mode. The game offers you alot!

The game is a little skimpy in the cinematics department, which is comprised of still pics, and voice overs.(Which sound pretty cheesy.) But these flaws are nothing when you weigh them against the good stuff this game offers.

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Very Good

great game dont listen to reveiws

posted by JAM22SINNA (ESCONDIDO, CA) Feb 24, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

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if you ever played a warriors game, finally this 1 is different. basicly it an arcade type shooter ,like the ones that you never had enough quarters to beat.this is perfect kind of game for your wii.

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