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Samurai Warriors: Katana


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Very Good

great game dont listen to reveiws

posted by JAM22SINNA (ESCONDIDO, CA) Feb 24, 2008

Member since Feb 2007

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if you ever played a warriors game, finally this 1 is different. basicly it an arcade type shooter ,like the ones that you never had enough quarters to beat.this is perfect kind of game for your wii.

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GF Rating

Very Good

King's Field without the free movement

posted by kevvy1979 (GENTRY, AR) Jan 20, 2008

Member since Oct 2007

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If you liked King's Field on ps1 ,then this is your game. Just sub suite the monsters from King's Field for ninjas and warlords instead ,and you have a fun hack and slash game.

You can upgrade your weapons and equip yourself with health potion and offense/defense boasters before you begin a mission. It is a rail game so you will not move freely but instead side to side to look around as the controller points and you press A to use your weapon or hold A down and swing your controller like a sword for a charge attack which is a cool effect for the game.

Like others have said it does get repetitive at times,but after a few stages you get more weapons to use instead of just the sword. Plus the fight scences change up so you are not just hacking away all the time, but using a bow or gun in certain areas as the primary weapon.

The boss fights are pretty intense and require you to counter with your sword or firing weapons at a certain times during the battle ,but thats not a bad thing. Just frusting at times when you have to work your way back to the boss again from the start of a level,because of the timing required to counter boss attacks. Fun game to rent!!

Overall 8/10

Good - controller as a sword,tough boss fights,dynasty warrior type battles

Bad- graphics resemble ps2 games,no free movement,battles repetive at times

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GF Rating


Where Do I Begin?

posted by miko25 (LARGO, FL) Jan 18, 2008

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Member since Nov 2004

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When I first saw the screenshots I thought it was going to be horrible so I won't rent it. As the time went on I have seen improvements (minor) so I decided to rent it.

The concept is very good and the execution is almost perfect despite the voice acting can be annoying and when the enemies get on the side of the screen it's hard to defeat them. Also it is pretty short and the graphics looks like a early PS2 game. And it kind of plays like Ghost Squad.

Despite these issues it is more fun then Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn; which if it had this control scheme that would be a killer app. In the end you won't be as dissapointed as some of you may fear in renting this title.

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