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My Favorite Warriors Game So Far

posted by SandyAJ (GLEN BURNIE, MD) Mar 17, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

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Before i start raving i need to be sure i let people know that I'm already a die hard koei fan. That was established from Dynasty Warriors 5 and up, where i get to enjoy tactical game play while beating back hundreds of soilders. I love the empires add on the best because I get to tell other generals what to do.

For this game, the even improve on that! We play as an original character male or female, and have control over our character plus 3 others on the battlefield. I can tell other generals to do things while im busy on my part of the mission, but we can actually switch to the other generals and do the job ourselves! (no more Ai dumb mistakes!!!!)

Then theres the storyline part. People may say the game is short, but.. its really not. when you replay stanges you actually unlock new character interactions based on what u did and who you played with on the battle field. You get to have actual conversations with pretty much every character in the game. What you say or do to them will determine how they will interact with you later on, It also allows you to unlock them so u can play as your "friends" on any stage you want. After playing it for over 100 hours even before completing the additional downloaded levels, I still have yet to unlock everyone's interactions with me yet. (Ginchyo took me forever to have her talk to me!!!!)
I'm happy they are useing the weapons fusion system that was started in warriors orochi, it makes creating cool weapons more fun. one thing I'm planning on trying the second time i go thru it, is finding out what happens if i have generals actually HATE me (evil grin) will the despise me more than they do Nobunaga, i wonder, hehehe
oh yeah the game has 3d but for battle stages if you move around a lot, its a bit hard on the eyes. Best to save that feature for the amazing cutscenes, or the conversations (all audio Japanese!!!! subs of course) so u learn Japanese History and Language at the same time.

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Not good

posted by usuk137 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Sep 15, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

The game has good 3d and the publishers update the game all the time. That is the good stuff. Unfortunately, The games camera and controls feel like they are from 1998. Also, the game play is hack and slash and hack and slash and hack and no blood!?!?? I really wish this one had been better.

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Great But Short

posted by Emisary (LAFAYETTE, IN) Aug 8, 2011

Member since Aug 2008

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Sure you can play as multiple characters and even make your own custom one, but in the end the matter hit the usual way. What do I do, now that its all over.

1. Replay and become bestest buddies with everyone and get their weapons for your custom player.

2. Unlock a few branching storylines. By becoming "great" friends with certain characters. (Not sure which ones, befriend them all)

3. Trade stuff with friends that also have this game, not very handy all the time but hey nothings perfect.

4. Set up a team and set them up on street pass. Joy

5. When its all done put it back in that orange lined white folder and say a fond farewell to a great game, hoping someone else will get just a much enjoyment from it that you did.

This game was as I said short but no matter how many time you hear the story. Weather its dynasty or samurai warriors your never tired of the story and the ways its portrayed.

Thus ending my helpful rant, enjoy this great game!

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