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GF Rating


Great Depth, Little hard to concentrate on.

posted by BadAnime (MIDLAND, MI) Apr 12, 2011

Member since May 2007

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So I start up the game and man do I find out the hard way that is only has English subtitles... It doesn't seem all that bad until you realize that in mid battle you have to read things wasting precious time in the midst of missions because without reading them, one can get very lost. I do not have much of an issue with that, but the constant having to read in the middle of battle takes away from my focus and I get frustrated when I do not finish enough missions because of it. I love the way the game works. It goes smoothly and there are two unique fighting styles you can choose from at the beginning. Because of no English Dubbing, it makes it a lot harder than it should be. If you miss the wrong sentence, then a lot of a fight will be lost to you because you missed something.

Fun? Yes. It is about the same as other Samurai Warriors titles in that it handles beautifully. If you are looking for different types of gameplay from KOEI, do not go here. If you love the style then you will be pleased.

You can switch between characters on the field and take their place where they are on the field. It makes getting missions done more fast paced, but less able to concentrate on one character. The commands are also there where you can tell them where to advance to.

Though it is all a wash, rinse, repeat method of fighting, there is a little bit of extra control being able to command those who you do not currently control.

I rate this game a 6.5, but round up to 7 because the chart won't let me choose otherwise.

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GF Rating


Not good

posted by usuk137 (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) Sep 15, 2011

Member since Sep 2011

The game has good 3d and the publishers update the game all the time. That is the good stuff. Unfortunately, The games camera and controls feel like they are from 1998. Also, the game play is hack and slash and hack and slash and hack and no blood!?!?? I really wish this one had been better.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good Job Koei!

posted by thairice (FREDERICK, MD) Jun 22, 2011

Member since Jul 2008

This game is awesome! From when i just looked at the cover of the box, i knew this game would be amazing! This game as a excellent storyine about a lone warrior who is finding his path and meeting the Warriors from the Series! Sure it has a alot of talking but thats the point of why they call it Samurai warriors CHRONICALS.

3D: Fairly good

Gameplay: Great

Storyline: Awesome

This game can catch your attention to Japanese History and this is one of those games you can Spend alot of time with!
So if your a Dynasty Warriors or Samurai warriors fan, get this game for your 3DS!
Go Koei!

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