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Very Good

Button mashing in 3D!

posted by Zee7sms (COLUMBIA, TN) Apr 10, 2011

Member since Apr 2010

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If you're looking at this title then more than likely you've played the Dynasty Warrior/Samurai Warrior series. If you love those games then you'll love this 3DS version as well! You pick a new lone exclusive hero that goes on a journey to find their purpose; in doing this you meet all the warriors from the previous Samurai Warrior games.

The 3DS Samurai Warriors doesn't stray from the series' formula; you'll button mash your way through an army of soldiers while performing quick and easy combos to defeat the officers. While in a battle you'll be given missions that that will reward you an item or be the decisive moment to win the battle. You'll be able to switch from your hero to other iconic officers on your side to help complete some of the missions. It adds a little spice to each battle as you can play some of the really powerful officers that just breeze through enemies.

There's really nothing new here that screams "buy me" so unless you're a fan of the entire series then you'll probably just stick to renting this. Rent or buy this is a really fun and easy game to accompany the 3DS launch.

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Haters Gonna Hate, but not me.

posted by Slope22 (FLORENCE, NJ) Apr 14, 2011

Member since Apr 2011

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Think of this as that challenging old school game that starts off easy and then just gets ultra hard as you advance to later stages. The game itself hasn't changed but it still has all the things fans love about this game.

This game has enough for one person to have at least one good play through. There's enough stages to last someone for a couple days. If you no-lifed it like me it could take a 2-3 days.

Its still fun running through the large crowds of soldiers that stand there marveling at your sheer awesomeness as they get decimated. Anyway if you like the series, make this a game to pick up. You can choose between two different play styles (Only difference is that you have to choose a different gender and weapon). Upon listening to the little history lessons you have to sit and watch, the game offers quite the challenge on the battle field. You sometimes have to manage up to 4 officers that are usually scattered across the battlefield doing what you tell them to via Battle Plans. You make them go to a certain spot on the map to do a little fighting. Things such as kill this person under 1 minute or escort this person are just examples of the missions you perform during the battle.

There isnt a large amount of weapons you get for each person but they have an upgrade system so you can strengthen them. There's lots of characters in the game but not as much as Dynasty Warriors, New and Old.

Game play is the same. Later in the game you can switch sides in a battle before it starts to get that side of the story. Interacting with officers after battles can make them available for use in missions given the correct statement that makes the favor you more and more as you talk to them.

Over all the game is great. The graphics could be compared to the ps2 which is good for Nintendo's portable console. The 3d makes the ingame world so beautiful.

Music is great.

Overall i would give the game a 9 simply because the thing they lacked were large varieties of missions.

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Decent Game

posted by Mario11168 (RIO RANCHO, NM) May 27, 2011

Member since Jun 2008

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I bought this because of the lack of 3DS games, and actually like it. The levels last around 10 minutes each, there are TONS of levels to do, lots of upgrades, abilities, and overall just a lot of gameplay.

In 3D this game looks amazing, the background looks as if you could reach into it (which isn't done as well as in other 3DS games I've played so far). The Japanese language that plays is also fun to listen to, although I can't be sure if it's actually saying what the English text is saying.

It can get a little boring, since you do the same thing over and over and over (get orders, hack through enemies, kill general, repeat) but is great fun whenever you're bored. I think this is at least worth a rental.

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