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Very Good

Sometimes, all it takes is a little effort...

posted by Joshywuff (PINE PRAIRIE, LA) Dec 28, 2008

Member since Jul 2008

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If I wanted to go into full detail, it would exceed the limits of this tutorial, so I'll make it short and sweet.

Graphics and sound are quite poor; no improvement over its last-gen counterpart. The same could be said about the voice-acting. While it is superior to Dynasty Warriors, it's still kind of laughable. But at least there is a little more charisma behind the lines.

The gameplay, I don't really know if it differs from the original or not, because I've only seen videos of the original. But it looks to play pretty much the same. Perhaps I should go into detial about that one.

The game consists of a campaign mode, which has a story for every warrior you unlock(with minor exceptions), and along their story, you play through the famous Feudal-era wars that this warrior participated in, level up substancially, and accquire weapons, guards, mounts and the like.. to add a bit of variety, there is no repetitious re-use of moves like the Dynasty Warriors series. Everyone is a unique fighter, and there are three different move-set layouts. Other modes onsist of free-battle, survival and challenges.

But to me, the story is where the game's MAJOR redeeming factor comes into play. There is little fabrication in the campaigns of these warriors. Nobunaga Oda really was an eccentric, power-hungry war-lord who's life was of conquest, and his nickname literally did translate to Fool of Owari. Naoe Kanetsuge was an adobted son/retainer of Usuegi Kanetsuge. Date Masamune did go on to conquer many out-lying islands and was a feared, young general. Maeda Keiji covered the rear guard of his retreating Lord, and broke an entire formation with but eight men. There are even legends surrounding his prize mount, Matsukaze And the great, legendary liege of Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, was revered as Samurai among samurai, the man who beat death itself, and is most noted having fought over 55 battles without sustaining a single strike or injury.

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posted by Zman008 (AVELLA, PA) May 5, 2008

Member since May 2004

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Well I have never tried a Samurai Warriors game so i figured wat the heck.
Well lets start off with the good.
Samurai warriors takes place in the Warriring states period of Japan. Witch already makes it a pretty good story. Just like every other Koei game the cut scene graphics are amazing and the selection of characters are good as well. The shop added in the game reallly makes you able to get the whole elite package for your character.
The Bad
Well just like most Koei games the in game graphics are poor and the in game cut scene graphics are poor as well. The voices for the characters never suit them as they should be.

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Above Average

Mixed feelings

posted by Natiow59 (CHICAGO, IL) Jul 13, 2007

Member since Jun 2007

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Ok, so it's a Koei game about historical battles. Breathe deep and get all that out of your system. Allright, well, let's do this.

Samurai Warriors follows the Wei kingdom ideology. It's not pretty, but it can knock you back onto your butt in a matter of seconds. For an Xbox360 game, it doesn't look very good. Look more or less like a PS2 port. Oh well, most of Koei's games aren't too visually spectacular.

Gameplay. Well, ya hack and you slash. I like the new skill system, and the ways of getting those skills. I like that they made use of battles that everyone was at, and divided them up. It's entirely possible to play the same battle in history from a different start point or direction. I do like the specials as well, it does a good deal in making otherwise uniform characters semi unique. I do however, really dislike some of the other modes. Survival seems to be weighted more to your Lu Bu character especially in later floors. You get to near the 60's, and even a maxed character has the same chance as a chicken fighting a Jedi at times. Some of the survival missions are fun though, but eventually it becomes a randomized grind. Then we have the new Monopoly mode. It's Monopoly, but you're a warlord of some kind, and the board is japan. Yawn. It's interesting to have in there, but I hate real monopoly, so, meh.

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