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Read if u liked the series but thot it got boring

posted by neonpoison (LOS ANGELES, CA) Sep 28, 2006

Member since Feb 2005

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Hours spent on this title: 100 fun hours and adding more. YES. I’ve played all of the previous titles in this series and got sick of them. So if you are like me, READ ON!!

Gameplay: Very smooth compared to previous dynasty series.

- Unique controls for each character
- Special Abilities for each character
- New & Improved Tactical Gameplay features
- New Character Growth progression design.

Likes: First impression when I played was, Wow!! I don’t have to just slash & hack anymore!

Dislikes: Too few characters, and some have overlapping/shared storylines.

A lot of players probably have gotten tired of the Dynasty and Samurai series. Being a hardcore player from day one of the Dynasty warrior series, I have seen the series grow slowly and painfully. However, just as I was about to say "never-again" in these titles, Samurai Warriors 2 got me playing hourlessly once again.

SW2 has improved significantly on its tactical/strategy gameplay features. Closely related to each character’s story-line, each mission contains numerous Objectives for the player to complete. The effect of completing such objectives varies greatly depending on the difficulty. And yes, unlike previous titles, where storyline and strategies didn’t matter, completing objectives and following the strategy in-game actually means something, plus they are actually fun and challenging to do. Thus making the game much more enjoyable to play than just slash & hack (although you can still slash & hack throughout the game, but aren’t you tired of that yet?).

Each character also gets two unique special abilities. Some are very useful, like Sanata’s Summon Horse ability; some are really fun, like the Summon “Fat Ninjas” ability. The different characters in SW2 also gets different styles of controls. Yes the keys for actions are the same, but combos are different for everyone depending on the character’s fighting style.

Overall a really nice title

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Finally a Warriors Game Worth a 1000!

posted by Maikeru (TROY, OH) Oct 8, 2006

Member since Jul 2006

3 out of 3 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

I have played them all Dynasty and Samurai...This is a Warriors worth a 1000! Plenty of extra stuff to do, plus a better leveling up system, its good but still could be improved a bit. I don't like the fact you have to save up gold to buy skills, I understand the the idea, but it doesn't make much sense to me. In the last game you had to save up experiance to buy skills and skill levels. They might as well should have just left it the same:< Anyways on the plus side, the slowdown is no longer a problem!!! The graphics got a bit better, the forbidden attacks are cool but some of them are just the same as thier higher combos from the first:( There are no story modes for Ranmaru or Okuni!!! (wats up wit that?) Saving it for SWXLS? They got rid of Ultimate weapons, sorry we're stuck with thier fourth level weapons:< They did that with Dynasty 5, don't quite understand that myself, but oh well... They totally got rid of items alltogether!!!! (they make up for it with character skills though) Mounts and Body-Gaurds have to be paid for with gold. (Body-Gaurds are stronger and can beat low level generals, and put up a fight against higher ranking ones without getting killed so easily;) Mounts are stronger and a little more worth while than before but I can't really see to much of a differance except that they're better animated:< Combos are insanely cool! Elemental attacks seem to have more of an effect than last time, but finding a cool lower level weapon with your favorite element is taxing. And there is alot of little cool stuff you can find out for yourself that I don't want to ruin here!!! Overall I think I mentioned all the important stuff that really matters. This game is good enough for a 9=Exellent but not quite a 10=Perfect yet. The leveling up is faster but still falls short of what it should be, but other than that, this is by far the best Warriors game yet!!! If you're a fan you'll love this one!!!! See you when SWXLS comes around!!! Laters!

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Need More Strategy

posted by Elcidster (BUCKEYE, AZ) Sep 27, 2006

Member since Mar 2005

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If you like mindless killing like Star Wars Battlefront or Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, then this game is just as fun. If you care to save your generals before they die, then it's a challenge, but if you could care less and just finish the level, then it's not worth your time. There has to be a sense of accomplishment - or some strategy. Similar to the above mentioned games, minimizing losses is a goal, other than capturing the base or objective. Cut scene graphics are awesome as usual. The added characters are always welcome. Chinese and Japanese lore keeps both DW and SW very popular. Imagine the game with American lore. 25 colonial icons leading troops against the British. Hack n shoot!

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