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Samurai Warriors 2: Facepalm edition?

posted by AltLoveOV (CAMDEN, NJ) Jul 12, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

I'll start out by saying that, I am a huge fan of Koei's Warriors games. I've played pretty much all of them since Dynasty Warriors 3, and loved every moment of them. That said, I will now explain what I like and more importantly, what I LOATHE about this game.

Graphics: Most people complain about the graphics of the Warriors games. While I do agree that they are dated, I don't mind them. Honestly, it may be better that they are dated, because if they used better graphics, there is a chance that the game will lag more, due to the amount of objects on screen at one time. Therefore, the graphics are not an issue to me.

Sound and Music: I've always enjoyed the bgm's that Koei chooses for the Warriors franchise. Yes, some can get repetitive after awhile, but most are enjoyable and loop well. I really dislike the voice acting in this particular one the most. Well, not exactly just the voice acting. I don't mind the fact that they sound overly dramatic half (or maybe all) of the time. But, when you hear the same overacted lines over and over again, ("I'll go down with this BASE, if necessary!") it tends to grate on one's nerves a bit.

Overall gameplay: This particular game is too easy compared to the others. If you have a decent (not even good, just decent) weapon, all you have to do when invading a fief is set your allies to defend, cap a couple bases that will form a line to the enemy main camp, kill the enemy general when he spawns, and then do the same thing in the next invasion. It's even easier than that when defending, since you don't need to cap anything to get the general to spawn. You just ride to him, and own him, done. This got very boring after awhile.

And for achievement hunters, one achievement in particular is a pain to get (Osaka Campaign), because you have to set it up a specific way to get the event to happen, and it is a pain to keep retrying.

Overall, as a fan of the franchise, I am so very, VERY disappointed.

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Above Average

kill some time

posted by rojoroger (CHESAPEAKE, VA) Mar 9, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

honestly I needed some mindless hack and slash time and this game perfectly fit that but it is very boring after like 5 or 10 hrs

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posted by Hi5mypbanj (SLATINGTON, PA) Feb 25, 2010

Member since Jan 2010

WTH!!!!!!! gamefly gave me the worst disk in the world i was getting into a little samuri fling lately and thought i check out a game and when it got here i was siked to play it but when i put it in failure to read disk so i tried to clean it and that didnt help so i said FML and sent it back thanks alllot for ruining my samuri dreams gamefly.

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