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GF Rating


Best Game Ever!!!!!!

posted by Masatoyo98 (CANOGA PARK, CA) Feb 11, 2010

Member since Dec 2006

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Samurai Warriors 2 Empires is the best of the Samurai Warriors saga.
Its has the best music, awsome looking characters, and you get to tell your officers what to do!It's Way better than any Dynasty Warriors games I've ever played(but Dynasty Warriors is awsome too). 10/10 the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

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GF Rating


Pretty good

posted by Atredor (EL PASO, TX) Apr 7, 2007

Member since May 2006

9 out of 10 gamers (90%) found this review helpful

First off, many people had expected a great character creation system. Well it sucks. The character models are the bodyguards (except the sumo) from SW2, and a few of the unimportant officers(the ones who always look the same and use the spear, sword, and naginata style). What's cool is that you have to pick a first and family name(family name is your clan's name i.e. First: Yukimura, Family:Sanada). You only get to choose a small amount of styles as well, much less than half of the characters. The enemies in this one are ridiculously tough; the no-name soldiers can kill you with just two or three hits depending on the difficulty. And the enemy officers level up at alarming rates. You also can no more rush out and slaughter, you'll die that way, I guarantee it. The good thing is that your officers actually do their jobs on the battlefield, if you tell them to defend a base, they defend till they die, same as defending an officer. You also develop friendships with officers; to keep them on your side or to get them back on your side, keep a high friendship status( the heart icon should be full.) Befriending an officer unlocks them for play. The strategy phase is the same as DW5 Empires, except for a few twists. Instead of conquering all of the lands by force, you can now ask the force to submit to your rule for a permanent alliance(it still counts as your land), you just have to get the policy for it and do a few tasks before hand. Cultivating fiefs(areas) are also required to suffice your people and increase income. In the gathering of heroes scenario, you can customize all of the areas like in DW5 Empires, and remember when the computer forces would have more than one territory? Well now you can have as many as you want when you start by creating one force, and choosing a lord for any other territories. There is no ending cutscene for you director types, sorry i'm disappointed too, but you can still get a good or bad emperor status. Now go and rule!

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GF Rating


Dis game is da best button masher ever, (so far).

posted by Justigga (PHILADELPHIA, PA) Jun 17, 2007

Member since Jun 2004

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This is my first time writing a review ever so I had to start with my fav. game. This is da type of game dat makes me wanna keep coming back to it, even though I'm playing new games. Such as Spiderman 3, God of War 2, Madden, Final Fantasy 12, just for example. It deserves a 9. Don't get me wrong I still think da game and da series needs some new attractions to it. But da game is still addictive and enjoyable. Being able to customize your own character is a welcome addition. Having da ability to invade a neighboring fief n da effort to rule Japan feeds my lil' dictator needs. I have many suggestions on how to make dis game bettter, but for right now I've had dis game for about 3 months and I'm still enjoying myself. Not every game I played makes me feel dat way.

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