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Could have been better...

posted by FouLou (LOCUST GROVE, VA) Apr 9, 2010

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I would love to tell my story, on how I waited for this game to come out, after numerous delays..but we'll save that for another day. Everyone wants to read a review, right? Well, here we go. This whole review, is based off of; Story mode, Practice mode, Survival Mode, and a little bit of offline Versus Mode. I was not able to find a match on Xbox Live,so I can't help anyone out with that.

[The Graphics]-Terrible character models. Beautiful 2D Artwork, but the 3D character models, are just plain out disgusting! It looks like Tenchu Z to me(Go figure...the people who developed this game, are the people that made Tenchu Z) The environments are okay. They look nice, but bad at the same time. It's a love or hate type of thing. Some levels look AOK, some look downright terrible.

[Sound]-The music is actually decent, in my opinion. So there are no complaints in that department. The game is too loud(Maybe it's just me?) In the main menu, I swear, the game sounds like I'm blasting it through a wall. When you get into actual gameplay, it sounds okay. The whole game is voiced in Japanese, with English subtitles.

[Gameplay]-Well well, should I say "Typical Samurai Shodown" gameplay...? No, he11 no. The game plays like a watered down Tekken(Maybe I should say....KOF MI-King of Fighters Maximum Impact). I've grown up with Samurai Shodown, so I'm just gonna say what I feel. There's only one special move(You know, those quarter-circle-forward-punch moves?) Yeah, those. There's only one for each character. So Haoumaru throwing Flame tornadoes? Well that was sort of taken out. The rest of the moves, are put in by button commands. So now it plays like Tekken.

I'm going to be b1unt, and say "The Game is BROKEN". The air juggles are ridiculous(Especially for Draco). The gameplay is just unbalanced. I have no need to go into detail(I can't actually...the limit is approaching).

Gonna have to wrap this up. Fatalities=Okay,AI=Cheap-Broken,Controls-Terrible,All in all, a rent only!

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Graphically nice crud

posted by mattr25 (PHOENIX, AZ) Apr 2, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2006

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Graphically speaking this game is quite well done, the characters have distinct looks, the backgrounds are beautiful. There is a slight pixel hazing, the characters are not perfectly drawn but they are not color altered copies of each other so overall, nice.

Control standpoint however is crud, barely working crud. Jumping is more or less not there, apparently up on the left stick is supposed to jump but apparently it is a directly up, pressing up at an angle is sidestep upwards. Which wouldn't be all that big of a problem for some, but huge problem for those who wish to say jump towards or away from the opponent which they are able to do to you. If this was anything but a fighting game it would not matter, however this is a fighting game and jump attacks are vital since the AI learns from your attack methods during that fight let alone consequent ones broken is the nicest way to describe the controls.

Voice acting is questionable, it's not overly quiest, it is actually quite a loud game it is however in Japanese for story mode, fighting itself is more of grunts than words so no idea what language that is. Renders story mode into reading tiny letters on the TV, probably works better if you have an HD TV. If you do not have one, avoid this game like the plague, ah heck if you do avoid this game like the plague.

Samurai Shodown used to be one of the best fighting games in the arcades, it even translated well to the consoles way back when. This travesty of not caring if it works well or not buries previous games in steaming piles of you know what. Not worth a rent, very not worth a buy, the mild sexual theme is one character in the pre fight talking, interesting once.

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I collect rat skins

posted by AutoMcFix (POWDER SPRINGS, GA) Apr 3, 2010

Member since Apr 2010

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This game reminds me of and early playstation one game that just was not fun. Everyone has the same throw animation, a stupid knee throw. I would be fine with the sucky graphics if the gameplay was great, the gameplay sucks. This is no Samurai Shodown 2 goes Soul Caliber, it's very poor and bland all around.

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