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Above Average

Pretty Fun at firts but then it gets worse.

posted by Sleezebag (DELAWARE, OH) May 13, 2006

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GAMPLAY: The Gamplay in SC:S is actually pretty fun.. at first. After about 2-3 hrs. in the game all the combos and everything get repetetive and since there is VERY little difference between the enemies, it makes the game even MORE repetetive. I wont get into too much detail on how the combat system works but i will explain the basics. Your combos just vary depending on the record u have playing. After awhile though, you'll see that all the combos really dont change and are all really the same thing just at different times.
STORY: The story in SC:S is really boring and the cutscenes look horrible. The actual game in like DMC3 looks about as good as the cutscenes in SC:S. There are WAY too many cutscenes for that matter AND most of the time they really dont relate to the real story at all.
GRAPHICS & DESIGN: The graphics in SC:S is another bad thing about it. The Characters ( in-game mostly) look very blocky and can almost resembel a late PS1 game. In terms of design, the levels are all very small and are ONLY limited to whats on the map.
OVERALL: Pretty good at first, but then it all goes downhill from their.

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A good game with some drawbacks.

posted by GBear96 (OKLAHOMA CITY, OK) Apr 20, 2006

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Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked is, in my opinion, the closest anime-to-game port that is worth playing.

You get to choose either Mugen or Jin, and a third character when you finish the game. The story follows the same Champloo scheme: Mugen, Jin and Fuu run into trouble, Fuu gets abducted - constantly - and Mugen and Jin have to save her. The story also has very bizarre elements, which has no relevance to the story but offers a nice laugh or two. I could say more but that would ruin the game. I will say this much... monkeys are evil!

Graphics were decent but could have used a bit more detail. There are times the camera will act funny - Resident Evil funny. My advice is to avoid the corners and make use of the map.

Controls were unresponsive at times, leaving you open for an attack, so learn to block, parry or run away.

Voice acting was pretty good except for the character Mugen, which was not voiced by the original voice actor.

The gameplay is short - about 5-7 hours for each character - and can get quite repetitive after a while. You can practically finish off all enemies with just one button. There are other ways to take down your enemies, including Tate Mode or Hyper Mode that lets you slay up to 100 enemies. Sometimes you are awarded content such as sketch art, weapons or records if you meet certain conditions after each mission.

The combo system utilizes "vinyl" records that you acquire throughout the game. You start out with two tracks, but after a couple of missions you can swap out for different beats at the "record store" that can increase your offense or speed, to name a few.

You can also equip stronger weapons to help take out those tough baddies. Be careful because these weapons break if over-used. Save them for the boss fights - you'll thank me later.

This game is a nice twist to the Samurai Champloo series. If you can look past the minor flaws, easy gameplay and short storyline, Sidetracked is still quite fun.

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samurai champloo side tracked, amazing or not?

posted by korectme (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Apr 16, 2006

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to start i am a fan of the anime series so i was hoping for a amazing experience, was not disappointed one bit, the games fighting engine made me feel like i was living the experience of the game, the fighting was a little slow at times but there is no engine other then the 360 that could imitate mugen's speed at well, the soundtrack and wide variety of music was amazing and i was not bored through the whole game, i guess this game will give you about 20-30 hours of full butt-kicking fun!to end this ,if you are a samurai champloo fan rent this game.

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