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GF Rating


Just about Perfect

posted by ColShaggy (KAYSVILLE, UT) Mar 11, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

The Wii edition of Sam And Max season 1 is just about identical to the PC version. The only real differences, I found, are the double click run feature(which wasn't implemented until Season 2 on the PC) and a few glitches that held me back from giving it a perfect 10 rating.

So the problems: Only two really. There was an unfortunate tendency for the game to clip off the end of some of the dialog exchange, it was usually at the very end and only slightly annoying. Then there were the load times between leaving the street and heading into, say, the office. A black screen, with the flaming Max head at the bottom, usually accompanied any change of location.

The comedy and cases are exactly the same to the PC version. The challenge, of the puzzles, isn't particularly high but the jokes are hilarious. It does what every good adventure game should do, it tells an enjoyable story that is just as fun after all the secrets and solutions have been revealed as it was on the first play through. I still play Season 1 & 2 regularly because, even though I could play through it in my sleep, the jokes are still funny and the puzzles are still a joy to work.

So maybe the glitches are mole hills that I've made into mountains. The game is an excellent port of one of the greatest game serieses of all time and maybe, just maybe, I can give it a 10.

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GF Rating

Really Bad

Really Bad Game P.S. IT STINKS!!!

posted by Tdlmacnt (HAMDEN, CT) Feb 17, 2009

Member since Nov 2007

This game is the worst game in all of humanity. I swear, I'd rather run outside nude in the middle of winter rather than playing this game. I'm a big fan of Sam and Max but the game couldn't have been suckier.

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Above Average

Not a worthy sequel to the original!

posted by Loyalgamer (COVENTRY, CT) Jan 31, 2009

Member since Oct 2008

As a fan of Sam & Max when it was released for DOS on pc's back in 1993, I must say this game is nothing compared to the original.

The graphics are beautiful, and the point & click interface works very well. Some of the dialog is funny but most lines are just redundant or stupid.

I think the first problem is that it's not licensed under LucasArts. In the original, many of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones gags were hilarious. Without LucasArts's support, those jokes are gone.

The second problem, is there's no clear-cut villain that cracks you up with his pathetic schemes or hilarious antics.

Third, Max lacks his luster from the original. In the first, Max had some lines that would have me on the floor laughing. For example, Max walks up to a guy with a bad toupee and says, "I have more hair on my fuzzy little butt then you do on that hollow country head of yours!" THAT'S WITTY WRITING! In this game, he has a couple moments here and there but it's as if he is more politically correct.

Fourth, the game itself is just not a good adventure game. You don't get clever responses when you click on things, dialog between characters is fixed to a formula too much that it lacks spontaneous answers, and the game doesn't really give you any direction towards what you should be trying to do.

This game as much as it tries to follow in it's predecessors footsteps, it fails. Videos of the original are on line but I don't recommend this game to anyone unless you're a hardcore Sam & Max fan.

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