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Above Average

So, a dog and rabbit become freelance police...

posted by JCDenton (FREEDOM, NH) Oct 31, 2008

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Sam & Max: Season One fits into a genre seen rarely on next gen consoles: point-and-click adventure. In fact, I think the most recent one I played was Indigo Prophecy on the Xbox. Besides that and Dreamfall, there are few good examples from the last console cycle. But I digress.
Sam & Max doesn't have all the drama of those other games. It relies on wacky premises and humorous dialog. Instead of a journey of intrigue and self-discovery, the freelance police solve a series of crazy crimes. Taking on the toy mafia, a giant statue of Lincoln and the Internet, the dog in a suit and homicidal rabbit take you through six episodes.
The graphic style looks almost cell-shaded and works well in this context. Voice work is solid, though some of the characters sound really annoying.
The game play is made up of finding objects, using objects in the correct ways and selecting the right dialog. While this seems simple, it's actually quite challenging. Figuring out what the game wants you to do can be the most time-consuming part of the game. If you get a guide, though, each episode will probably take a couple hours max.
While you can play the episodes in any order, you may find it helpful to play them in order, since characters and storylines continue from one to the next. Still, the game gives you the option and that's a good thing.
Clicking on all the object in the game gives you tons of dialog. I have to say, while the writing is sharp, I found very little of it truly funny. Basically Sam uses long analogies and Max wants to shoot everything.
In the end, this is an engaging adventure title with a fun story. Action is minimal and there is no real replay value. Dreamfall has a much richer storyline, Indigo Prophecy has richer game play, but Sam & Max do a good job of bringing the point-and-click genre to the next generation.

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Very Good

Point and click adventure is back!

posted by thericky (WINTER GARDEN, FL) Nov 11, 2008

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My FAVORITE games to play in the 90s were the Lucasarts point and click adventure games... Sam n Max, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, etc. Unfortunately, it has been many years since another great point and click adventure game has come out. Some have tried, but have missed the key elements of what made this genre of games great... fun characters and humor!

Now the hilarious duo Sam n Max are back and while this game is missing a couple of ingredients from the point and click days of old, I was more than happy to be playing through it. The episodic structure was a little odd at first, but once I realized that each episode tied into the last and weren't just independent stories, I was okay with it. Part of what makes a great point and click adventure is a long story where you need to remember everything that you previously did and everyone you previously spoke to in order to solve future puzzles. This game didn't rely heavily on that, but did keep the same characters throughout, adding new ones with each episode.

My only gripe is the lack of a "combine" function. One of the most basic puzzle-solving tools in a point and click adventure is being able to combine objects that seemingly have nothing to do with each other and yet you can use them in an inventive way to reach a goal. This game was too simplistic in its use of items.

Other than that... fantastic game! Anyone that's a fan of old Lucasarts point and click games should get this immediately!

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What I expected

posted by DaemonEA (DAVIS, CA) Sep 8, 2009

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This is the closest I have gotten to point and click 90's games on the PC. The humor was great. I recommend it.

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