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Sam & Max 2: Beyond Time & Space


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Sam and Max deserve a smoother running game

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Mar 18, 2010

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Sam and Max - the dog and rabbit Freelance Police - are back in the second season. Just like in the first season, the intrepid duo are solving cases that involve serious…ly weird things and solving problems by thinking sideways - even upside down.
This time around they deal with characters like Santa Claus, vampires, large talking stone heads, aliens, a mariachi band, and Satan himself. There are lots of quirky guys and gals to run into and the story writing is as sharp as ever. No other point a click adventure has this much humor, and I’m always intrigued to find out how the tale unfolds and concludes.
There are five episodes in Season Two - one less than in Season One - but they’re still good. And it’s important to play them in order; there is an overall plotline that is uncovered through all five episodes.
If you get stuck on a puzzle, you can always Google the answers (instead of having to fork over another $20 for a solution book)
But there are problems here, the biggest being the technical issues. The animation is erratic, there are many annoying loading screens and far too often I hear disembodied voices. It was troublesome to get Sam over to certain parts of the playing area because of the jerkiness of the controls (and Max is always getting in the way). This is one issue that has to be resolved before they make a Season 3 Sam and Max for the Wii.
And it’s the one issue that stops me from completely recommending Sam and Max: Season Two Beyond Time & Space. RENT IT.

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More comical than anything

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) May 26, 2010

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This is the kinda game I should really like, but it ends up being just OK. The story is quite humorous and it's basically a lot of word based puzzles to advance the story. The game had about 5 chapters & after I played 2 of them I had enough & back it went. At least you get a good chuckle from time to time! My best, D.

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Sam and Max: Beyond Wasted Time & Mediocrity

posted by Gamejunki2 (SALEM, VA) Aug 3, 2010

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Another title I desperately wanted to like but falls very short of any of today's gaming standards.

Gameplay: Incredibly slow frame when moving around in environments and through doors (Example: Resident Evil), Graphics are incredibly basic and boring, basic control point and click style setup but sometimes the character wouldn't go to where you wanted him to.

Story: Standard six episode gameplay that's lazily written and in the end is largely unfunny.

Overall: Not really much to write about since this is a port of a PC game and it's point and click like a mouse, but if you are dying to play this then you will be disappointed. If you're a Sam and Max fan then this game will make you hate them with a passion. Don't rent this.

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