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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love


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GF Rating


Loved this game.

posted by Rairasen (NORTHGLENN, CO) Apr 23, 2013

Member since Apr 2013

A while back i got the game when it first came out the special edition had tons of stuff but anyway the gameplay itself is pretty fun you control giant robots and even for a newbie to rpgs the battles are very straight forward and easy to understand. The bosses are challenging, and the relationship system is very well implemented in a way thats similar to say Agarest War where actions and choices increase your bond with people and with each person you end up with theres a new ending. The anime cutscenes are a nice touch and add to the story rather than just constant battles. The story is in the 1920s so locations and other aspects are very true to the time period. Not a long game really but has replay value for sure. If you enjoy challenging battles, lots of little switch ups here and there, a great story, and like robots then this is for you.

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GF Rating


Very good game... but not for everybody.

posted by Karasu87 (PITTS, GA) Mar 25, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

I admit, I did rent this game expecting intense Anime cut-scenes and Mech battles. But, can't say I was even an ounce disappointed at what I played. It was pretty awesome!

The game itself, was pretty much a Visual Novel with Dating Sim elements, Strategic Mech Battles and some exploration. Along with 8 episodic adventure, each episode mainly explores the girls and how Shinjiro changes them (Naruto Style). For those that expect a lot of Mech Battles, will be very disappointed. The Mech battles are at the climax of each episode, while the exploration aspects is usually in the middle. During Exploration, the main character can interact with his friends and build trust, so the Joint Battles will be more powerful.

And the replay value is sort of high, for those that want to get another girls ending. I personally got Diana's ending, since she's my favorite. Once you beat the game and want to try a new game, you will be able to skip the text, which comes in handy (Trust me, some dialogue feels like it lasts forever.) By the way, just make sure you save your paused data, just click pause and click Discontinue, so that if you screw up on some choices, you can always go back. Also comes in handy for the 'Dates'. I think the 'date' with Diana was the best, but that may be just me.

On a final note, I just wished the game had a Japanese voice track, because the English voices can get annoying at times. (Anyone with me!) Guess I may have to buy it to get the Japanese version.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Not an RPG, not a dating game, but it's a fun game

posted by wolfing (DOUGLASVILLE, GA) Jun 28, 2010

Member since Jan 2008

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Not sure if this should classify as an RPG (since there are no user-controlled stats, no inventory or significant skills). Basically, this game is a hybrid between a 'dating game' (in which you frequently are presented options when talking to potential companions, and depending on the responses you get closer or farther in your relationship with them) and a turn based tactical game.
Whatever this classifies as, it is a fun game. Basically, gameplay consists of going to different places in the city, talking to your companions, building relationships with them, and depending on these relationships, their stats during combat are better or worse.
Actual battles are tactical turn based. You move your 'mechs' around using a number of action points, and attack with normal or special attacks (if you have enough action points left). Battles are challenging, but not overwhelming, and since they are fixed in number (and directly related to the story), you should be able to beat them (as opposed to most traditional RPGs that depend a lot on your 'grinding').
The story is good enough, nothing spectacular but serves well as a background for the game.
At the end of the game, you get to select which companion you will have the ending with (among those with high enough relationship points with you, gained through your interactions with them in and out of battle).
It's not a long game, you can beat it the first time in 25 hours or so, and play it again to see other endings in a lot less time (since you can quickly skip conversations you already saw in previous plays).

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