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Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love


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Cheats, Codes & FAQs

Keitai Club Passwords

From the main menu go to Free and Easy Day in NY. Choose to go to Romando and once there, select "Enter Password" when talking to Kayama. Enter the following.

  • 1.1374291724e+011
    All ringtones
  • 9.6621327805e+011
    All special bromides
  • 1.1137457214e+011
    All special events
  • 8.5252255763e+011
    Anri's battle uniform bromide
  • 3.8732090633e+011
    Anri's special bromide
  • 5.4926146458e+011
    Diana's battle uniform bromide
  • 9.2060005229e+011
    Diana's Cameratron theme
  • 5.6884796793e+011
    Diana's seiza (horoscope) bromide
  • 5.2372716321e+011
    Diana's special bromide
  • 8.7761209778e+011
    Diana's Star bromide
  • 5.1838965666e+011
    Gemini's Battle Uniform Bromide
  • 9.4745015921e+011
    Gemini's theme "Boku no Yume" as a Cameratron alarm in the options
  • 9.4492519081e+011
    Gemini's seiza (horoscope) bromide
  • 9.0646945578e+011
    Gemini's special bromide
  • 3.4845487189e+011
    Gemini's Star bromide
  • 8.9424289479e+011
    Plum's battle uniform bromide
  • 3.3944030909e+011
    Plum's special bromide
  • 3.5390064036e+011
    Ratchet's battle uniform bromide
  • 9.2064775278e+011
    Ratchet's Cameratron theme
  • 3.7279114951e+011
    Ratchet's seiza (horoscope) bromide
  • 3.9821044808e+011
    Ratchet's special bromide
  • 5.8600738229e+011
    Rikaritta's battle uniform bromide
  • 9.4197200046e+011
    Rikaritta's Cameratron theme
  • 5.5047748128e+011
    Rikaritta's seiza (horoscope) bromide
  • 5.3431768396e+011
    Rikaritta's special bromide
  • 8.1517477281e+011
    Rikaritta's Star bromide
  • 5.5799913271e+011
    Sagitta's battle uniform bromide
  • 9.4128922581e+011
    Sagitta's Cameratron theme
  • 5.7313933179e+011
    Sagitta's seiza (horoscope) bromide
  • 5.9965993563e+011
    Sagitta's special bromide
  • 3.0339457313e+011
    Sagitta's Star bromide
  • 3.2293421216e+011
    Taiga's Star bromide
  • 3.1485192443e+011
    Subaru's battle uniform bromide
  • 9.2060784708e+011
    Subaru's Cameratron theme
  • 5.0758162746e+011
    Subaru's seiza (horoscope) bromide
  • 5.0003132859e+011
    Subaru's special bromide
  • 8.9170229366e+011
    Subaru's Star bromide
  • 3.6116010001e+011
    Sunnyside's special bromide
  • 3.6468401588e+011
    Taiga's Battle Uniform Bromide
  • 9.2064906309e+011
    Unlocks Taiga's Petitmint costume