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Saints -Row Best game ever-

posted by NYCEASY (RIDGEWOOD, NY) Jan 31, 2008

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What can i say this game is one of the greatest gangster games ever made. It contains all the elements of the come up. Its about a guy that joins up with a gang and fights for control over the streets. If you liked the GTA series then you will love this game. It has nothing to do with the mafia. its just street gangs doing their best to control the street on their hustle.

The online play is great. The way the match making was set up was perfect. You didn't know who you were playing until the game started. Its a lot like halos match making in a way. Lets get to the point. Your gang verses the other gang. You can play up to 5 or 6 players on a team, and after your done playing that round you will back out and go to the lobby room, and if you want you can start it again when everyone is ready.
I love to play these game from time to time. If your ever online and need someone to play with send me a message or f/r. My GT is NYC EASY.

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Impressive, young gangsta...

posted by Twizlex (DAUPHIN, PA) Aug 30, 2006

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It's hard to talk about this game without comparing it directly to its obvious inspiration: Grand Theft Auto. I'll have to say that I was surprised both at how much of a direct rip-off of San Andreas this is and how good it is despite that fact. Saints Row does a lot of things even better than GTA, but GTA has much better production values in its corner (like better licensed music).

The controls in Saints Row are fantastic. It has a third-person shooter feel, where you move with the left stick and aim with the right. This gives you the ability to cap fools through their windshields and have more control over headshots and the like. Having a reticule also helps you not waste ammo since you know for sure what you're shooting. It's A LOT better than the iffy lock-on mechanic that GTA used for its gunplay. It also has a better weapon selection tool, where you have a radial menu instead of just scrolling through all of the weapons in your inventory. You also have multiple melee attack options with the bumpers. Everything else about the controls is essentially the same as GTA's as far as which buttons do what (getting in and out of vehicles, jumping, etc.)

The fundamentals of the game revolve around territories. Essentially the same as the gang land in San Andreas, color-coded map and all. The main difference is that you have to take out a building full of rivals called a "stronghold" to secure it. To advance the story, however, you need to earn enough respect to open the next mission. You earn respect by wearing better clothes (with a bonus for gang colors - Saints are purple), killing rival gang members, and completing a variety of "activities". Activities consist of everything from pimping hoes to drug trafficking, and my all time favorite: insurance fraud.

This game one-ups GTA by letting you design your own character. Form your own gang with friends online for some Deathmatch or, even better, Blinged-Out Ride. Best of all, this game is just plain tons of fun.

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posted by JoshTheGr8 (MONTGOMERY, TX) Sep 6, 2006

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Ok, most everyone is familiar with the Grand Theft Auto series -- you're a gangster, and you commit crimes and fight enemy gangs to conquer the street wars. The game has a wide-open environment that makes it fun just running around, without even following the game's main storyline.

With that alone, it's good stuff. But I'm not about single-player games. I'm about Xbox Live play, and that is what places Saints Row head-and-shoulders above GTA!

You customize your online gangster -- from his physical features (face/body) to his clothes to his BLING jewelry and tattoos. But you have to earn money to buy anything beyond the default jeans and black t-shirt. Money is earned by playing Live matches.

You create your own gang, and give it a name and a tag -- the tag is a prefix to all your members' gamertags. You invite your friends into your gang, and you fight against other gangs.

I LOVE the matchmaking. Saints Row features Halo 2-esque matchmaking -- your gang joins you in a lobby, and you get matched against another gang. When the match is over, your gang returns to your lobby, and you start your next match against a new gang whenever you're ready. WHY more game makers can't figure out matchmaking like this is beyond me, but the THQ guys did, and cheers to them.

There are 4 game variations, including the standard deathmatch.

My Live gangster runs around in nothing but his underwear and a yellow baseball cap (my gang decided yellow would be "our" color). I'm not too good (hence my underwear being my only clothing), but I do earn a $15 each game I play. Maybe one day I can afford the PIMP FUR COAT, which costs a hefty $2,500...

Anyway, I say all that as an example of the uniqueness of the game. Just plain FUN.

Warning, though -- the language in the game is like a true gangster movie. F-bombs galore. So, with the additional violence of beating innocent bystanders with baseball bats, don't plan on playing Saints Row with kids around.

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