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posted by garbage_man (DALLAS, OR) Nov 28, 2011

Member since Oct 2011

I'm just going to start off and say I loved the Saints 2, but this game is just not that great and a big let down after waiting so long for this game.
This game was alright and thank god I rented it instead of buying it because I would'nt have been to happy with it, also they took out cruise control which was a great idea in the second one and I dont really get why they didnt put it in this one, little things like cruise control just made saints 2 a special game from all the other like it, aslo I dont know who did the graphics, but I did'nt like them in this game.

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Over-The-Top Fun

posted by MrTerrbear (COOKEVILLE, TN) Nov 27, 2011

Member since Jul 2011

I'm am just going to tell you right now, that Saints Row the Third is a game that accomplished what most Sandbox type games fail or stumble upon; A free form, fun, and interactive world where everything is your toy. Most people say this is like GTA on Steroids or its better than GTA. I just want to say that both of those are wrong, this is in no way resembles the Grand Theft Auto Series (Besides being a Sandbox game). Infact, it is it's own game entirely.

In Saints Row the Third, You are the Leader of the Third Street Saints, a powerful and infamous gang (Due to the first two games) of Stilwater. From the recent games, you have made yourself a lable, making drinks, toys, and clothing with your face and brand on it. Envy gets the best of us all, especially if you have it all. Within the first two missions (Which start out as you robbing a bank because you can...) A rival gang named the Morning Stars take you up in their private plane and demand a majority cut of your profits. Of course, you deny and thus begins a intense battle for fame. Free falling out of jets, hitting people with dildos, and flying a hovercraft are not even the surface of the things you can do in this game.

Pros: Fun gameplay, Funny jokes, Intense firefights.
Cons: Minor Glitches (Building/Car/Tree pop ins) and AI is not that smart.

Besides the minor minor flaws of this game, the slight lack of a story, and so-so cartoony graphics, this game is made with the player in mind. Have fun and enjoy doing whatever you want to do in this toybox. :)

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Saints Row 3

posted by childofgod (COMPTON, CA) Nov 26, 2011

Member since Aug 2011

this is the best saints row yet. it is VERY offensive to parents, old people, and more. anyway, if you want pure unadulterated fun choose saints row. if you want realism choose GTA 4. this game deserves a game of the year edition. what are you reading this for dude or dudette. order it and play it now. you will be... SATISFIED!!!!!

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