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Strap it on, now.

posted by burntice61 (APPLE VALLEY, CA) Nov 14, 2011

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Let me warn you now, if you want some GTA clone with realistic mechanics, boring story and not so memorable characters then turn around go to your mailbox and take this game back. This game takes realism, crumples it and shoots it out of a man cannon!

Here's my Verdict:

WARNING: NOT FOR KIDS, or people with no sense of humor.

The Good:
Story, sure it isn't a serious story but its very compelling and extremely funny.

Gameplay, you can do ANYTHING, like skydiving into enemy territory and calling an airstrike on gang members while walking around in your birthday suit after getting a gender change.

Music, this is one thing Saints Row has always done right, put in a great mix of music with funny announcers and do it perfectly, but now they added an Adult Swim station, you can listen to Dethklok or Futurama now!

Driving, good news fans, driving is MUCH better now, alot less sliding around on ice, instead theres alot more drifting!

Whored Mode, since competitive multiplayer is absent from this game they added Whored Mode which is Horde mode with a twist, instead of killing the same enemys over and over, you're killing giant prostitutes or mascots or even mexican wrestlers!

Value, you're getting a great long story with an amazing amount of activities that will last you well over 30 hours.

The Meh:

Characters, while most characters are hilarious and well used, others are so annoying like this pimp who speaks in auto tune in EVERY cutscene, ugh very annoying.

Graphics, while it does look way better than Saints Row 2, its not RAGE, but it doesn't have to be, the game is good looking in most areas, some areas not so much, they lack polish and look barren.

Glitches, this game does have them unfortunately, BUT its not game breaking, the most noticable is the traffic pop in, you shouldn't be able to see the traffic instantaneously appear in front of you.

The BAD: Some people will be offended, but remember its SAINTS ROW!

Overall, BUY!

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Saints Row the third is a good game! But not great

posted by DigitalGodzilla (KANSAS CITY, MO) Aug 23, 2012

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Before I stary, rest assure, I really enjoyed this game! I just think there were many issues it could prove upon, for instance, it was WAAAY to easy, and I was playing on the hardest difficulty... And the weapons seemed very limited, and had little to no improvement... The upgrades were very good! But personally went a bit overboard, of course you could always not buy them... The customization was AMAZING! I couldn't get enough! You can take any car or weapon to a chop shop or a gun store and upgrade it for reasonable prices! This game was a good game, but had no replay value what-so-ever except for laughs... It's a good game and I think everyone should give it a try, thank you for your time and I hope you have fun with Saint's Row!

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Fun,Guns,And Zombies?

posted by blackandyellow (FORTUNA, CA) Dec 27, 2011

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First of all, this game is amazing,from sky diving to dressing as a big cat or dog, this is very fun.I like to play with my friend online and we have a great time.Lots of vehicles,jets,and helicopters.And you can customize your cars like adding spoilers,preformance,and paint.And now with the part you were wondering about zombies.At a certain part of the game a plane carrying chemicals crashes and wala zombies. However these are not bad they make the game more fun.And finally the guns.There are many guns from AR-55 to Grave Diggers(model 1887).They are fully upgradeable too. Overall i bought this game and i think you should too.

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