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GF Rating

Very Good

Great but not GOTY

posted by CagedNeon (ELK GROVE, CA) Dec 9, 2011

Member since Dec 2010

but this is a very fun game, very wacky very mature, its just artwork. but like artwork there can be flaws, 1 thing, halfway into the game i felt as if volition threw the rest of the story at us just to kill time which was very uncool, another thing and probably the most important.....THEY KILLED GAT! WHY OH WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT! overall though this is really fun, no where near trying to copy GTA as fanboys say they are but in all honesty....i wanna go back to stilwater and be ACTUAL gangbangers in 4

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GF Rating

Very Good

i give the game an 8.1

posted by illmadness10 (BRONX, NY) Dec 2, 2011

Member since Nov 2011

this game is fun and cool but short

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GF Rating


why all the perfect 10 rating ?

posted by southman (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Dec 1, 2011

Member since Sep 2010

the only things that was really good in this version other than SR2 was the fact they had way better music stations with much better music with classics , Ton'lok and few other classics but most would disagree since 95% would prefer some todays boring bland hip-hop etc, etc . that being said the upside to the game is that it's got awesome action scenes like jumping off buildings w/parachute and base jumping in mid air and in air gun play along with some funny dialogue i mean thats why it got the M rating for a reason .
other than that the story isn't so evolved as SR2 was you had different Main story missions you could do at any given time were as you get one at any given time with of course side missions that are little different than SR2 .
i mean the game is fun an exciting but after awhile its gets pretty boring doing the same ol same ol stupid things over and over again.
you can beat it in less than 5 days maybe less if you dont reach the max lvl of 50 and all the side missions.

other than those factors id say your better off renting this unless your a hardcore fan of the SR franchise or GTA franchise .
other wise save your money and rent it don't waste your money buying it otherwise. i for one am glad i got gamefly specifically for this purpose .

they do have 1 thing other games need more of is bring back the 1-hit wonder Classics and overall Classic music(rock,pop,rap,etc) into games instead of the same ol stuff thats mostly in other games .

and seriously a perfect score of 10? come on i mean nothing is perfect including games so why give it a perfect 10 score .

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