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posted by caperton3030 (DEATSVILLE, AL) Apr 8, 2012

Member since Jul 2011

While waiting for GTA V to arrive in the summertime (maybe?) you can "kill" time with this game which is basically the same genre of game with some extra stuff thrown in, it has alot of extra things to do as well as 50 missions and tons of activities. Multiplayer is a total letdown but there are a few DLC modes that are worth the price. About a 25 hour game if you play all the missions to the last one, meaning it is well worth a rent and maybe a buy if you are really a die-hard GTA fan!!!

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Tales of the Glitch Monkey

posted by BigDaddyBane (LA GRANGE, NC) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Feb 2011

Being a fan of SR2 I thought this would be more of the same kind of fun. However, a poor story, major flaws in activities and major glitches hurt most of the fun to be had in this game.

First, let me say once I unlocked "God Mode" this game got much more fun. I didn't use cheats. It was an upgrade unlocked by reaching the highest rank. That said, I finished the story at level 40 of 50. So, I had to grind out another 10 levels to get the good stuff. Some of the side missions have the same name but are two different activities. Occasionally, you will drive into an invisible object, your vehicle/character will be thrown into the air for no reason, your vehicle will sink into the map, the vehicle will explode for no reason, side missions don't end (meaning you accomplish what is needed but you can't leave the area and don't get credit for completing it), vehicles will spawn right in front of you and enemies show up out of nowhere. I got 96% of the trophies before quitting. The trophy that made me quit was the vehicle thefts. It used to be steal a car bring it to a shop. Now, it's get a specific car and drive/fly across the map with tanks and helicopters shooting at you. I got 1/3 of the cars before I got tired of going to an area looking for 10 minutes for the vehicle, driving for 5 minutes, get 2 feet from where I am supposed to deliver the vehicle and have it destroyed. You can't take cars from your garage that are of the same model, it has to be the car identified. Real annoying. They still have the nude censor, which is awful considering getting the pasties makes girls look topless. Friendly AI are constantly shooting the thing you are supposed to protect. And the endings are like InFAMOUS they are completely different and it's impossible to do a direct sequel without righting this one off.

Overall, this title felt like it needed another 6 months in QA. Instead, they rushed it for the holiday season. Too bad.

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Very Good

Saints Row The Third

posted by MrStarChat (LOS ANGELES, CA) Apr 7, 2012

Member since Oct 2010

This game is very modern and very worth a play it was was a great squeal for THQ and if your a fan of The Purple gang of the Saints you will be impressed

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