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posted by creeper12345 (OCEANSIDE, CA) Jul 7, 2013

Member since Mar 2013

The campign is Okay But shandi (sry if i say her name wroung ) dies in this one it made me cry

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did not like. returned after playing about halfway

posted by trav23 (GARLAND, TX) Jul 22, 2012

Member since Sep 2008

The Saint's Row series has always been pretty clearly inspired by Grand Theft Auto, which I love, but it took the wrong lessons. I know there is a large amount of the audience that says all they do in GTA is drive around and cause mayhem, without ever doing the missions. This series is for those people.

There are missions in SR3, but they are largely indistinguishable from the random chaos you can wander into on your own. And there is a story, but it's kind of hard to follow, and largely inconsequential.

The graphics are worse than GTA in a way I can't quite put my finger on. It may be just a stylistic difference rather than an actual qualitative difference.

The driving physics are also worse than GTA, but you don't spend nearly as much time driving, so it's not so big a deal, I guess.

The activities range from dumb to ok. You can go streaking, where you have to run past as many people as possible before the time runs out. You can drive a tank around blowing up as much stuff as possible before the time runs out. You can stand in the street with unlimited ammo but not unlimited health and blow up as much stuff as possible before time runs out. You can run around in traffic with unlimited health getting hit by cars to rack up the biggest insurance bill possible.

The difficulty is all over the board. You go through a bunch of stuff not feeling like you're taking any damage at all, then all of a sudden you start something and can't even do the first part without dying right away.

In summary, it's GTA for people who say they like GTA, but don't really like GTA.

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posted by Pand3m1x (DENVER, CO) Apr 1, 2012

Member since Apr 2012

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I don't see how this game is getting such a high rating. I never played SR before, but someone suggested it once I said I was a huge Rockstar fan. Not only the GTA games but Red Dead and Bully. Difference between over the top and so over the top it lands completely outside of of the box and not in a good way.

I liked the start of the game, it came off as different then the GTA games. However it soon became this bland and a boring kind of game. I like freedom in my games, still like some sort of direction. I feel like as a crime boss, which you aren't in the GTA games, you would get a different feel. But the gang members were hella weak and you got no interaction. No managing money.I wish for a game to have so much possible customization that you can pick character paths. I didn't like the over the top bad guy...I don't want to be this good guy but I would've preferred making different choices along the games path., not just when getting cool gear.

Next is the graphics, just okay but not top quality for a ps3 game.

Controls were really iffy, sometimes they would be smooth for the moment and then other times they were really bad. Like the driving. There were some activities that felt lame for the story plot.

The bathroom jokes like a few reviewers said were just bad, though I was impressed by some of the intelligent remarks made by the companions. It was still weak compared to the bad dialogue that didn't feel realistic. I also wanted to interact with other characters outside of the missions.

My least favorite part was what didn't feel like they belonged in the game. The cyber world, which was cool felt out of place as well as the Zombie, which is where I stopped because I don't like Zombie games where they don't need to be.

The one thing that got GTA beat was the cellphone, I have a bad tv and so the large cellphone was readable. The cellphone would be one of my favorite parts. Less filler and more good content would make this game better.

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