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by Steve Watts,, Jun 6, 2013 7:30AM PDT

Saints Row 4's E3 trailer has debuted ahead of next week's event, explaining the plot with tongue firmly in-cheek. Read more

Publisher Deep Silver is offering a new Collector's Edition for Saints Row 4 that should help players feel a bit more presidential when they enter the White House to battle an alien invasion on August 20. Come on, who doesn't want a dubstep gun? Read more

"And I saw a dubstep gun and a Superpresident and mechs and aliens and and an-" people who saw the Saints Row IV demo at PAX East gibber, before you place a comforting arm around their shoulder and assure them yes, yes of course they did. But they really did, as a new six-minute gameplay trailer released today shows off all that wackiness and more. Read more

We know the President of the United States has some executive powers, but a new Saints Row 4 trailer takes that phrase to a whole new level of absurd. Read more

by John Keefer,, Apr 23, 2013 9:00AM PDT

Nothing says America like big guns, Uncle Sam and a bald eagle that launches rockets out of its claws. The only thing missing from the new Commander in Chief edition just announced for Saints Row 4 is apple pie land mines and baseball grenades. Read more

Saints Row 4 was arguably the biggest game in THQ's lineup--before it collapsed. Now in the hands of Deep Silver, Volition senior producer Jim Boon talks about how the transition has (and hasn't) affected development of the super-powered open-world sequel. Read more

Saints Row 4 has a lot of crazy elements, but its original drafts included even more absurd ideas: Stephen Colbert as president, a gun that summons monkeys, and more. Read more

A preview of Saints Row 4 from a hands-off press demo given at PAX East 2013. Read more

Those concerned that the recently announced Saints Row 4 would be a revamped version of Saints Row: The Third or the cancelled expansion Enter the Dominatrix can rest easy. Volition says the game will stand on its own quite nicely. Read more

by Steve Watts,, Mar 15, 2013 7:15AM PDT

Deep Silver and Volition have formally announced Saints Row 4, which started its life as an ambitious Saints Row 3 expansion and has been blown out into a full sequel. It centers the head of the Saints, as President of the United States, fighting mind-controlling space aliens. Read more