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Above Average

Could have been so much better.

posted by yoda107 (BALTIMORE, MD) Apr 16, 2014

Member since Mar 2014

I love the series i do, but this one didn't add much for me. It holds a lot of fun and freedom, shooting alien scum and throwing tanks around and being a total BadA. But it all comes to an end so fast. They deleted way too much. They deleted boats, they deleted the chainsaw, they got rid of all ways to save the regular tank and All stag vehicles which is a dumb move to me. Yes there is an alien hover bike, but the controls for all hover bikes are just screwed. The story was pretty cool to me i really liked it. But after I defeated the final boss....disappointment drowned me, i just felt like......"this is all i crazy as this game is this is all i get for completing the story". After the story there is nothing to do at all unless you waisted money on temporally DLCs. If you completed the side quests before completing the story all of the challenges that were in the side quest disappear forever, the survival challenges, the hitman challenges. This is [[RENT ONLY]] . 6/10 not because it was such a bad game, but because there isn't much for the game to offer. Yeah you can kick alien scum over and over, but it is not challenging and it will become boring.

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GF Rating


Saints Row 4

posted by Urban_Flow (DULUTH, MN) Apr 9, 2014

Member since Apr 2014

Saints Row 4 is exactly what you expect from a Saints Row game; satire, crude humor, over the top combat and a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. With the new addition of super powers the game is alot of fun to play but flying and jumping around so much kind of takes you out of Steelport and forces you to race around alot missing the ambience of the world. There's not much difference besides that from the previous installment, this almost feels like an excellent add-on to Saints Row The Third. For completionists there's plenty to keep you busy and more diversions this time around. Saints Row 4 is a solid game but nothing groundbreaking. I give it a B-.

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GF Rating


Broken and repetitive.

posted by Deathpact (MARENGO, IL) Mar 19, 2014

Member since Feb 2013

I enjoyed the previous Saints games so I figured I'd give this one a go. The premise is in short you are in a virtual reality simulation created by aliens and you must get your team back and defeat the invaders. The game takes place in a simulated Steel Port, recycled from the third Saints game. The simulation is littered with diversions (little missions) of different categories, just like in previous games. Essentially the structure is this, you rescue a team mate through one of the Main missions, they give you 'side missions'. The problem is these side missions are literally just tasking you to complete the diversions I mentioned. This becomes extremely tedious, boring and predictable.

Another problem with this game is how buggy it is. Saints 4 pokes fun at it's previous installments bugs by pitting you against glitchy enemies in certain diversions. These are amusing the first time around but later become frustrating because there are still game breaking glitches in the game itself. Sound is abysmal and will cut in and out, sometimes turning off all together aside from your character screaming "YEAH" when he picks up a data cluster (which are littered throughout the city)

This game is literally busy work, which is sad because it could've been a decent title. Unless you can put up with the lackluster story, missions and game breaking bugs I suggest not picking this game up. If you think you can handle it then maybe there is some fun to be had with Saints 4.

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