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Oh Yeah It Goes There

posted by LordGregor (LANCASTER, CA) Oct 11, 2013

Member since Jun 2013

I've played every Saints Row title there has been so far and every time they find a way to out do themselves. There are some minor glitches that can be worked around easily. I found very few of them so it doesn't effect my overall score. Every game I've played has bugs and glitches.

The fun level of this game is through the roof! Definite re-playability. Who doesn't love super powers and blowing everything up? This game is everything a Matrix title should have been. If you've ever dreamed you could be Neo then this is a great game for you! Who needs a car when you can fly and practically run over anything in your path?

I love the spoofs in this game and all of the pop culture references. It made the game funny and interesting. apparently the Saints rule sci-fi now too,, lol. Great game check it out it's worth a buy.

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great game

posted by USA1 (SEATTLE, WA) Oct 6, 2013

Member since Jul 2012

wish I could keep it. good game

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Very Good

Oh what could have been

posted by DoctorScraps (CASA GRANDE, AZ) Sep 23, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

The moment I heard about the concept behind Saints Row 4, I was giddy with delight. It was so silly and full of itself, how could it not be a perfect romp?
In execution...after a few hours of gameplay, the polish wears off and you can see this game for what it is: A DLC concept that they turned into a AAA title. And that's the truth. Saints Row 4, was originally an idea for a DLC for Saints Row The Third called Enter the Dominatrix. But enough of the exposition.

The Good-
The game is fun to play! And has a lot of throwbacks to previous Saints Row games, namely Saints Row 2. Bouncing around virtual Steelport like a boss, being a superpowered diety is wicked fun.

The Bad-
They could have done so much more with this. If you took away the side quests- which are nothing more than completing the in-world challenges for map completion, you could beat the main story in an afternoon. Very few missons have an actual Mission feel rather than a mini-game or shooting gallery.
Furthermore, the more powerful you get, the less...important certain things become. Driving becomes a quaint option. Having virtual gang members in the world is pointless, especially in the face of acquiring Super Homies later in the game, no spoilers.

They could have done so much more. So much. Even the top billing concept of being president of the united states becomes a pointless fact after the first hour of gameplay, because you do nothing with it!

I can still recommend this game, for it's fun gameplay, and it's trademark sense of humor. Just do not expect to be blown away by the storytelling, because there are holes and concerns aplenty, especially when it comes to the motives and aspirations of some of the supporting cast.

Final Verdict: A score of 8 for the lulz and mayhem. I just wish they had given it a little more love.

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