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It's a good game

posted by skidz (bloomington, IL) Sep 14, 2013

Member since Sep 2013

it's a good game but I've played it before pretty much same thing as prototype you go around looking for audio files, things to so you can upgrade your powers. you super jump, glide, ect. they put so much into super powers the game lacks fundamentals like driving the car is alright but there's no need for them, motorcycles I don't even bother there is no middle turn just quick switching lanes turn or 180 degrees turn. the cars get damaged unless your driving them. it's a little ridiculous but it is addicting it has a little feel of red dead redemption to it in the fact your going to do something and more of those stupid power orbs are just over there and more and more and more orbs. super powers took away from this game.

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posted by monkespit (PARRISH, FL) Sep 13, 2013

Member since Sep 2011

This game is a tremendous amount of fun. It's the first SR game I've played ever, so not much comparison there. However, there is a rather large issue you should be aware of straight away. Game saves, have an extra. If you happen to be playing and a friend joins co-op who has cheats on your current game will be flagged as a game with cheats on. Whether you had cheats on or not if you save your game after playing with someone who had cheats on that save will no longer auto save or earn achievements. I had not realized this early in the game and had played ~75% and noticed no achievements. I had just been manually saving over my same game save. There is no way to remove this 'cheater' flag from your save and you will have to start the game over or from your last auto save. Auto save is disabled before the cheat flag is enabled so that save is legit. For me though the auto save was from <10% of game so not much better than starting over. Hopefully Volition will patch this problem, and hopefully others will not even have this issue.
It is a very entertaining game. I personally enjoyed running/flying about the city in nothing but a hot pink bra and a blur downstairs with the incredible Nolan North voicing her every word. That sounds a little creepy when you type it out....

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GF Rating

Above Average

Better On PS3

posted by xxRealSwaggerxx (DENHAM SPRINGS, LA) Aug 24, 2013

Member since Sep 2012

So I was playing the game and it was pretty fun but there were soooo many glitches, it was ridiculous, I fell through the ground, sometimes warped inside of buildings, and even lost all my money just from running up a building, all my money just dissapeared. There wasn't near as many glitches on the PS3 version that my friend has. Just another game that makes me wish I got a PS3 instead of an xbox.

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