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GF Rating

Very Good

Good, but doesn't deserve a 9.

posted by mjiiig (ANCHORAGE, AK) Jun 2, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

I think this game is overall okay, and deserves at least a rental or even a buy, but there are some crudentials about the game that are still bad. I personally say that this game deserves a 9 or 10, but besides it not being meant to be like GTA 4, I think that there are some boring and bad parts of the game. When I first got this game, I was tired of playing the first Saints Row title, which I also needed some help. When I started playing this game, I was almost hooked ompletely, but, I happened to get bored at a very slow pace. I actuall y happened to unlock almost all of the games content, without being an XboxLive member. The good productions volition has brought to this game, allow you to really build an empire(or at least closer to an empire, other than Saints Row 1). You get to unlock bonuses like unlimited ammo for specified weapons, health bonuses, an array of cars, and possibly guns, and you get to be the don of the saints. Of course, there is much more to this game than what I am saying. The grafics and the overall feeling as changed throughout Stilwater, along with very good voice acting and cutscenes. Also, additional clothing options, as well as creation options, so you can really narrow down on your character or your don.(Not that this is another title like so). Personally, I think that all of this companies and game marketing creators really need to narrow down on the four aspects that they should have covered a long, long time along. I am talking about real life animations(qoute:NOT just painful moans as someone dies and not just an open world where it might a long time to progress through the city your travelling through). Also, high improvement to the character aiming guns and the character actually fighting. This is my review of the game, Saints Row 2.

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GF Rating

Above Average

Too goofy for prime time

posted by davevandam (SOUTHINGTON, CT) May 29, 2009

Member since Oct 2007

Yes, SR2 is a GTA clone in many aspects, but it does enough things differently to make it a different experience from GTA4. The game has a much more arcade feel than GTA4, with regenerating health, character running speed that turns you into the 6 Million Dollar Man, and 90% of the cars with tight handling that would make Danica Patrick jealous. The game also doesn't have some of the hang-ups that GTA4 did, such as the whole "friend" system and repetitive side quests. Instead it replaces them with repetitive minigames, which while quite fun at first, quickly lose their appeal as their novelty wears off. These are very outlandish and include things like going on a "Cops" show where you get rewarded for beating up criminals, going around spraying feces on people and buildings from a septic truck, and vandalizing property.
The main issue with SR2 is that it feels out of place in this current gaming market. While the user customization is a very nice touch, where you can design your character with staggering amount of detail (even including how they talk), if you haven't played SR1 you'll likely not feel a real connection with your character since the game CONSTANTLY makes references to the past events under the assumption that you played the previous game, as opposed to GTA, where the character's back story is presented to you and unveiled. Also, the regenerating health, bionic abilities, and checkpoint mapping system where the game will guide to specific points during a mission make the game almost insultingly easy. Also, with it's very close ties to GTA's game engine, sometimes it feels like you're playing a sophisticated GTA mod as opposed to a whole different game.

All that said, SR2 is a game that requires a look. The more arcade feel and general juvenile tone may appeal to many who were turned off by GTA4's excess "realism" that was lost from GTA3,VC,SA. But do not expect the same level of depth and replayability that the GTA series is known for.

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GF Rating


Customization Good, Gameplay Bad

posted by penguins43 (LEWISTON, ID) Jan 31, 2009

Member since Jan 2009

This game spent too much time worrying about your characters appearance and less about the actual gameplay. I spent more time trying to hop around my controller during fight sequences for the right button than enjoying the game. The drivinmg sequences are horrible. For a current generation system, the physics were awful. Maybe a Playstation or N64 they were good, but not the 360 or PS3. Not everything was bad, the character customization was very detailed. Most of the time, when I play video games, I dont need my characters chin to be disfigured or his/her face to have a funny expression on it. Plain white/black/caucasion or Asian would have been just fine. I didn't try it, but it would have been interesting to have tried to create a Metrosexual acting character, that option is a plus.

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