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GF Rating


Better than GTA4

posted by Ledman (HIGHLANDS, NJ) Sep 17, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

3 out of 4 gamers (75%) found this review helpful

This game is alot like GTA4 but only better. Unlike GTA4 this game doesn't have much ambiguity. I couldn't finish GTA4 because there was a point where I didn't know what to do next and just rode around the city looking for a mission or at least something to advance myself and couldn't find anything to do. SR2 is not like that. Missions and the like are plentyful and easily displayed for your choosing. I also like the fact that you can customize your character (many options) and change it as many times as you like during the game. Gameplay is smooth with very good graphics. The large soundtrack just emphasizes how much effort the creators went to to make this a fun and challenging game experience. Hope they come out with a 3 because this was a fun game to play.

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Everything GTA San Andreas Should Have Been

posted by Shasta97 (AURORA, CO) Oct 27, 2008

Member since Mar 2005

5 out of 7 gamers (71%) found this review helpful

I really enjoyed this game. I have to admit that it starts of a little slow but once you get into it, you realize that it is a good game. I think a lot of the negative reviews from people are from those who didnt finish the game. My opinion in the very beginning was the same, but the game grows on you. Sure its a bit like GTA but is that really a bad thing? There is plenty of originality to separate it from the rest of the GTA knockoffs.

The good: A compelling storyline, tons of cars and cribs to customize, a lot of weapons, great diversions/minigames, great unlockables.

The bad: The graphics are a bit PS2, but I dont feel it detracted from the game.

The ugly: The game occassionally resorts to "cheap" tactics - like every other car turning in front of you when you are evading police.

All in all, I think its the heck of a game and one that, if given enough time, is really worth while.

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GF Rating


Pure awesome

posted by scarfaic (NORRISTOWN, PA) Oct 29, 2008

Member since Apr 2008

5 out of 8 gamers (62%) found this review helpful

Some people may say that this game is bad or compared to GTA IV is bad but they are wrong. This is the best sand box game out now. You can have so much fun in this game because its not based around reality like GTA IV was. You can fill you gang with ninjas, ride around in armored ATV's with mounted machine guns, throw people in front of cars. Im keep telling myself im going to send this game back but i dont want to and i cant. Im keeping this game and you should too.

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