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Boyz in da ROW!

posted by Weeble (TACOMA, WA) Oct 20, 2008

Member since Aug 2005

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Yes I believe Saints Row 2 is better than GTA4. Blasphemy right? Well, Saints Row 2 is far more entertaining in many ways. The activities are actually a ton of fun, and down right hilarious. Mayhem, just blow up as much as you can causing as much damage as possible in a set amount of time. Insurance fraud is laugh out loud awesome! You throw yourself all over the place trying to cause as much bodily harm to yourself as possible, there is one also where you get to drive around in a septic truck and spray pooh all over the place, and on anyone you like.

The missions are varied pretty well, and have a decent challenge as they get progressively more difficult. What really stands out is the addition to be able to purchase businesses which add to your cash stash every day. Buying and customizing you crib is cool, but maybe a waste of money, but at least you get style points for a nice crib, and also for adding a huge variety of clothes, tats,jewelry, and whatnot. SR2 goes a small step forward in the sand box style by improving controls such as driving with cruise control. Cruise control makes drive by challenges far more interesting as you have less effort trying to keep your car moving, and less difficulty shooting up the bad guys.

You may this time around completely customize your character in many cool ways, and some just plain funny. Want a chick with a Mohawk, english accent, and a tuxedo? You got it baby!

SR2 not only adds more fun to the genre, but also more playability, and creative control. About the only complain I have is that the graphics could have been a little better, and the driving controls felt too much like all vehicles are on a pivot pin.

In the end, saints Row 2 Succeeds at least as well as GTA4, and in many areas is a vastly improved and imaginative step forward while not taking itself too seriously.

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posted by GoOSEvV (BELLE VERNON, PA) Dec 10, 2010

Member since Jul 2010

6 out of 6 gamers (100%) found this review helpful

It depends what you like..

Great Storyline
Customizable character
Ability to dress character any way
Buy whatever guns you want
Buy Houses
Customize cars
Buy Cars
Buy Boats
Buy motorcycles
Great co-op and systemlink
Can customize houses
Easy to play

Not very realistic (If thats what you're into?)
Online sometimes lags extremely bad.
Some Glitches in co-op

Over all this is a great game. This is not a clone of GTA. It is totally opposite and gives you a lot more freedom. If you are looking to have fun and not play a 150% real game that doesn't have great customizable aspects, than this is your game.

This is a game for people who are in love with making their characters the way they want them, from looks to clothes to guns to houses to cars.

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Very Good

A similar but fresh outlook on sandboxing..

posted by Gotti9410 (WILMINGTON, NC) Jan 26, 2009

Member since Oct 2004

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I'd like to only mention GTA once in this review, and that would only be to say that I loved it.

Ideally Saints Row is a different approach to the same game. While you can't easily get past the similarities, this game plays amazingly well. I love the option to customize your gang and your protagonist as well. What beats running a gang and handing out street justice while parading as a bikini clad latina girl?

The story is gripping, if not as entirely involved as the other sandbox game I've played, it's definitely enough to keep my interest. There are many different nuances to the Row that you won't experience in GTA (it's impossible to review this game without a comparison).

The music was just as good, if not better than GTA... visuals were perhaps a little less good? But then again some of them were very nice.. the vehicles in Saints Row win hands down. Planes, Copters, many cars with options to customize each of them down to rims and paint jobs...

While it may not be quite as in depth as GTA, the Row is a very worthy competitor and if you liked one I think it's safe to say you'll love the other.

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