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Showing sins of past games

posted by JMichaud (BETHESDA, MD) Aug 5, 2009

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Why in the world are they still making side scrolling shooters with the graphics of a game straight out of the nineties? Don't they realize they should get creative with the type of fire that the players/enemies use in this genre and get better graphics?
Apparently not, for in Saint, you are cast in such a side scroller shooter as some guy who's out on some quest to do something. (Story here is very convoluted and confusing).
But all you are really doing is scrolling through sections, blowing up enemies until you get to the boss, then you blow him up. This is one game that should've been a downloadable type - for far less than $20.
I know, it sounds like I'm oversimplifying the game, but there's really not much more to it than dodge enemy fire, shoot enemy, get powerup and repeat.
To be more precise, the levels play out the same: first part you go left to right, then part you go from the outside in, then in the last part there's a side to side boss battle. You beat the boss, then you repeat the same process over again in the next stage.
The weapons are forgettable; for most of the time you'll be using the standard sphere attack, which is very weak. The other powerups and weapons you get along the way you will lose when you die (and I'm sure most of you will lose a life before completing a level of this game).
Adding to the misery is the fact this game looks like it was made ten or more years ago with the blurry graphics and the bland text only cut scenes between stages.
The only people who should try Saint are die hard shooter fans, but even they might get tired of the repetitive nature of the game. SKIP IT.

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Saint falls flat

posted by neurotk2 (RICHMOND, VA) Oct 3, 2009

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ok... got the game because it looked cool...
opened it, played it for ten minutes... returned it to the package and mailed it back...
read the reviews and agreed that this game is worthless! BOOOOOO
I would rather that Nintendo brought back Kid Icarus for the Wii in all of its sadness, then to ever have anyone play this game.
Side scroll game, poor graphics, silly sound track, poor controls.. reminds me of the gamefly commercials of the people getting REALLY BAD GAMES and being mad... glad I only rented this garbage!

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posted by lolaann (PICAYUNE, MS) Sep 3, 2009

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Let me just say that when I rented this game it had no reviews yet, so I had no idea how real people like the game. Well, it looked good from the picture on the front so I rented it. Well I was really excited to get it. I had high hopes and excitement for this game. When the game finally arrived I took it out and started to play right away. I played the game for three minutes and found out that it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. It was like playing a old school game. All he did was float on a cloud and you make him move up down or side to side while objects and creatures pass by. It was horrible and very dissapointing. Needless to say, I sent the game back the very same day I recieved it. I gave this game a one because I couldnt give it a zero.

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