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Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure


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posted by jsgreer1 (SILSBEE, TX) Apr 20, 2009

Member since Dec 2008

when i saw this game i thought it might be pretty fun. im pretty good at brain teasers. the first safe is pretty simple takes a few minutes and your done the second one is ridiculous there's no hints on what your supposed to accomplish on the safe or anything to that point. the only person i believe that could play this game would be someone with a very high education and more time on there hands than me. the controls are terrible. there are insane load times. overall you couldn't melt this game and pour it on me knowing what i know now.

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posted by Turgon92 (EVERETT, WA) Apr 8, 2009

Member since Mar 2007

This game is plain ridiculous. There is not enough in game help or directions for the puzzles. i had to look up a walkthrough to even figure out what i was supposed to do. and for a lot of the puzzles you need instruction to figure out what the objective is but there wasn't. i would still be stuck in the beginning of the game if i didn't get help.

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Outrageously Difficult

posted by decapad (BRONX, NY) Feb 7, 2009

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2007

Hello - I'll begin by saying I love puzzle oriented adventure games - this sorta leaves out the adventure/exploration & just gets right to the puzzles. I'm a fairly smart person but this game made me eat dust - I found the puzzles to be over the top in difficulty. For instance - trying to arrange a strange mosaic with cumbersome control pad. Or a mysteriously missing piece of info you need to solve the dang thing. So sadly I'm returning this after 1 day. But if you want a real challenge - this IS the game for you!!!! Good Luck (You'll need it!) Deca

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