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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel


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Really Bad

Not Worth it

posted by Lilunic77 (SUN CITY CENTER, FL) Aug 16, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

This game didn't even last more then 5 minutes of me playing it. The graphic were nice, but I did not like the camera angles and I couldnt read the quest. To small a print.

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GF Rating


Great game, but nowhere near next gen quality.

posted by Creepr (SONORA, CA) Aug 11, 2009

Member since Jun 2009

I've now put over fifty hours into Sacred 2, and have to say I the only thing that impresses me is that i've spent THAT much time playing a game this medicore. Don't get me wrong, there are some good times to be had. They just don't happen quite as often as you would like. True, yes, this game is very addicting. But like smoking, that doesn't nessisarily mean its a good thing. Put simply: my mind feels numb. Whether that be from all of the grinding, the terrible story, the repeditive side-quests, or the overly complicated skill system I can't quite say for sure. All I do know is this: While I don't regret giving this game a try ( it is actually rather fun, if you can look past all the bad. But good luck with that. ) I definatly won't be picking up Sacred 3.


-Some fantastic art

-Most addicting game on 360 since Oblivion

-Enjoyable combat, once you wrap your head around the complicated skill system.

-Rather large game world. But don't let the "22 square miles" fool you.

-4 player online co-op, with 2 player couch co-op, which can lead to some good times.


-Repeditive quest's

-Unspeakably bad voice acting.

-Poor story

-Some animations look like their from the Nintendo 64 era

-While the art direction can be quite striking, its too bad that only 100 feet of it can be seen at once. Oblivion looks just as good, with a draw distance in the miles. There is NO excuse for this.
We've all seen what marvels the 360 can be capable of.

-Overly complicated skill system. I had to look up what should have been simple things on the Sacred 2 wiki, just to figure it all out. There's basically no in game totorial on how it all works.

-Too easy. I recommend starting on the "Silver" difficulty, as the easy setting is, well, just too freaken easy.

-Too much back tracking.

Final thought: The overall designe of this game feels alot like an MMO. I think that's the route the devs should have taken with this game.

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GF Rating


sacred 2 fallen angel

posted by gOdZdUdE (KENOSHA, WI) Jul 13, 2009

Member since Jul 2009

it is a good game but i dont have a HD tv so its impossible to read whats going on so its like no fun to play it if you cant read what you need to do or try to improve your character

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