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An excellent console hack n slash

posted by Nabraham (TRENTON, OH) Aug 15, 2009

Member since Aug 2009

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If your looking for a good Diablo 2 clone then this is the game for you. I was pleasantly surprised after grinding multiple characters through this game.

The game has 6 characters to choose from and each one has 3 "schools" of abilities thus giving the player quite a few options when making their character. They range from magic, melee, range attack, and a few others. I've made all 6 classes so far and they are all quite fun to play. Obviously each has their own strengths and weaknesses but i thought they were all done rather well.

The map in this game is huge.....much large then Diablo 2. A nice set of storyline bosses coupled in with hidden bosses such as Dragons really pushes the player towards exploring the rest of the map which is quite nice.

Online seems to work rather well, although i did have a few instances where i was unable to connect to my buddies game and had to reboot to the dashboard to get it to work. Other then that though, the online is flawless and supports up to 4 people over xbox live. I imagine this is what will draw most people to the game.

A few problems with the game. The sidequests overall are pretty terrible. There are a few interesting ones here and there but overall there your standard fetch this/run here/kill this sidequests and get boring pretty quick.

The frame rate in the game although very good 90% of the time drops in a few parts. There are a few towns where the game has to load off the DVD and it gets pretty ridiculous. I'm talking about every 10 or so steps the game having to stream off the disc, its very bad. But, this only happens in a few parts and other then that, the frame rate is very solid.

Overall if your looking for a good Diablo 2 clone then this is an excellent game to get. A very well done hack n slash with 5 difficulty modes that iwll have the user continuing to grind to reach that higher level and obtain the elite gear.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Better than the first!

posted by Barnes08 (CAMPBELLSVILLE, KY) May 15, 2009

Member since Jul 2008

60 out of 72 gamers (83%) found this review helpful

After being a long fan of the first Sacred, I stopped playing it due to the amount of glitches and bugs in the game. I am proud to say that this game doesn't have those glitches and bugs that the first didn't have. That being said, this game is still not perfect by any means. I'll start by talking about the campaign. There are six character classes and two campaigns. Some characters can only do the light campaign and some can only do the dark campaign. The character creation is pretty in depth. You can choose your class, campaign, and a god to follow. Depending on which god you follow, depends on what divine gift you get to use. This allows for MANY combinations and much replay value. The actual character itself doesn't have much customization which I would love to see some DLC that adds more options. Once the game starts, it feels a lot like Diablo/Champions of Norrath. There is no mana system, so your abilities can be used freely (as long as you wait for the timers to refresh). You can create custom combos like in the first game and combat is very similar. The map is HUGE and would easily take 100 hours to explore everything. Level caps at 200 which is another point of longevity in this game. There IS couch coop and you can play online with up to 4 players which also makes for fun times. Online is where this game shines, but only the host follows their campaign, but you do use YOUR character and level up and get new gear. Alright, now with the bad. During couch coop, there is NO way to trade items. If you pick up an item, it is yours. This was very annoying because the game wouldn't determine what loot was for which class. Another annoying thing is the tradeskills (blacksmithing and alchemy come to mind). There is no way to do this without aid from a person in town, although the skill states you can use it without those people. We also ran into a few graphic glitches. Aside from these bad parts, this game feels solid. A few patches can fix these annoying bits.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Good times

posted by malice28 (PETALUMA, CA) May 19, 2009

Member since Dec 2007

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Roaming the country side, chasing down innocent woodland creatures, constantly looking for that better sword or a new gauntlet...What's wrong with that? Let’s not kid ourselves. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is no Fallout 3 but it's enjoyable none the less. If you’re the type of gamer who has no patients... This game is not for you but if you like the grind, menus for days and the constant hunt for new gear and the indiscriminate slaughter of all who appose you…than go enjoy youself. But prepare to invest some time... and happy hunting.

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