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A solid RPG

posted by Shadowno (LANSING, MI) Apr 21, 2010

Member since Aug 2007

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Having not played the first game, i was unsure what to expect from Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Before playing, you have to create a Character (though i use this term loosely). You choose from 6 different classes, and change the hair color... that's it. You are then thrust into a truly massive world, this is where the game picks up. You can literally spend days doing side quests and exploring the map without so much as giving a suggestive wink to the main quest line. Not every area is reachable at first, but given the size of the map, you won't have to worry about that for awhile. The game tends to level well with you, dropping armor and weapons along the way. On the downside of the large map, however, you will find that a lot of the map tends to be crawling with animals, bandits, and other nasty enemies. Sometimes, it seems like every inch of the game is crawling with them. You can't travel from city to city without encountering roughly 20 to 100 enemies along the way.
There's a multiplayer option, and this is honestly the reason to get the game. If you're someone who enjoys playing games with your friends and family, Sacred 2 offers both online, and offline multiplayer, and the story mode is completely accessible during it.

Over all, Scared 2 is a solid game, fun to play, but get's repetitive after awhile.

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GF Rating

Very Good

Overall Great

posted by jjay1jay2 (LAKEWOOD, CO) Mar 14, 2010

Member since Dec 2009

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i haven't beaten this game completely yet and usually i wait until i finish to write the review.
1. to start off i must comment on the graphics they bring a fun almost cartoonistic feel to the game the colors are vibrant and the enemies and plant life are stunning.
2. the combat system is great id like it to be more simple to utilize all the magic instead of having to go back to menu and resetting the triggers.
3. the selection of armor and weapons is good and the unique ability of each weapon keeps you wanting to collect.
4. Each class of creature is fun to play and the differences in strengths and weaknesses makes you want to play over and over.
5.The non linear world makes in fun to explore and going town to town and seeing the differences is fun and exciting

a game that i thought i would just be playing until Final Fantasy would be coming out might make me post pone my playing of FFXIII. I am so far thoroughly enjoying it. ill be playing it for some time

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GF Rating

Very Good

Nice hack in slash with tons of armor options.

posted by Dubj1979 (NAMPA, ID) Feb 14, 2010

Member since Mar 2007

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This was a fun rental that I kept a lot longer than expected. I will actually probably rent it again once I get some other games out of the way.
Story: A little bland
Graphics: Nothing to special, some fun cut scenes.
Gameplay: Top down hack n slash style with some special moves and spells, with option to zoom in to see your toon a little better but not the environment.
Playtime: With one character I had 30hrs of playtime and only discovered 40% of the map. Story line missions were about 34% through also.

Pro: Tons of armor options, I would spend a lot of time just comparing armor and deciding what stats I want. Do I want bonus armor %, health, add a percent of my attacks to be elemental, push back, def, there are soooooo many, about 25-30 different stats. I was stacking absorb physicall attack and push back all I could. So while i was hitting for 200hp they would hit me for 20-30hp. Plus I had a 20 percent chance of push back so everytime i hit in a group 1 out of 5 would go flying back. You can add specializations. example: if you specialize in swords you will unlock bonus stats for swords I went swords til i unlocked the bonus stat, then dual wield, so had 2 swords with tons of bonus stats.

Con: Story line is boring. Kept me from really playing this game more. It helped if I just did the quests and and actually read through them.

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