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I'd go t!ts up without me smokes

posted by ILDUCE42O (HUNTERSVILLE, NC) Feb 4, 2010

Member since Feb 2009

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I took my time playing through this game and it was very fun and definitely worth the rent. The graphics were good, not amazing, but normal for a relatively good budgeted game...especially the black and white aspect was amazing and that art style alone was unique to the uninspired areas of France with only the Naz! flags and banners and lights from windows in color, which I thought was a very cool addition to the visuals of the game as they gradually unlock into full color as you inspire the areas...and if you downloaded the Midnight Show DLC for about $2.50 you get something extra to look at in The Belle your first safe house...Each side mission was relatively fun and didn't really get too repetitive and the main missions and story line was quite good not to mention there were 1000 ambient free play targets to just blow ish up if you were in the mood for that...One of the most intriguing aspects of the game was the ability to stealth kill Nazis and take their uniform in order to stealthily infiltrate their bases which I did most of the game instead of going in guns blazing every time, and I found it very enjoyable but just the ability to choose to go all out guns in the air or just play it cool and pretend to be a Naz! to get the job done is very cool...not to mention all the different ways to destroy stuff such as AA guns which were found around the city as well as your dynamite...The voice acting was also relatively good, especially Sean Devlin was great and I couldn't help but repeating some of his one liners when I would stop playing it for the night...especially since I'm of Irish heritage I loved the guy, he was the can take a good 20+ hours to get through the game if you choose to take it slow and do everything you can but it will usually last you either 12-15 hours...definitely worth the rent and I would recommend it to anyone who like destruction and open world action..only downer is he takes a lot of damage and the car handling is a little off.

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posted by DRHIGGLES (JOHNSON CITY, TN) Sep 9, 2010

Member since Aug 2010

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i rented this game because the games that i want the most are always "low" availability. so i started looking around to find something that was available now. i ran across the saboteur and thought i would give it a shot. i had never heard of this game until then and i really dont know why. this game is VERY good. it didnt really have any publicity that i know of. like i said, i just ran across it on here. if you are a fan of grand theft auto, then you should love this game. it kinda reminds of of GTA mixed with assassins creed,(in the way that you can climb just about ANY building or structure in the game). and another BIG plus to the game is that all you do is go around and kill NAZIS. THATS RIGHT, NAZIS! you really cant beat sneakin up behind on of those a-holes and snappin his neck just so you can steal his outfit and get close to one of the generals to do the same! all in all, i would actually have bought this game if i had knew about it before i rented it from gamefly...BUT IF ANYTHING ELSE...RENT THIS GAME!!!

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posted by SoulStain (RESEDA, CA) Dec 10, 2009

Member since Dec 2009

54 out of 64 gamers (84%) found this review helpful

This is a great game. A little rough around the edges but really a lot of fun. I havent got too far into it but from what ive seen so far i wont be sending it back early. Good storyline and voice acting helps. Make sure you play it on at least the hard level though because its not really that difficult. The games kind of a cross between GTA & Mercenaries. One thing that kind of sucks is that you need a code that comes with purchasing the game to unlock DLC that adds nudity and a host of other pleaures to the game - but you can always download it from xboxlive for $4.99 too. Totally worth the rent.

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