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Above Average

Definitely a Meh Game

posted by HoboMaster (INDEPENDENCE, OR) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Nov 2009

As mentioned in pretty much every other review, the game is a mixture of GTA and Assassin's Creed, but set in WWII era Paris. And, it does its best to compete with these two titles, but in both of the aspects that it took from these games, in my opinion, it fell short.

There are a few unique aspects about this game that make it interesting and fun to play. Personally, I like free roam games, which this is one of them. I've definitely found the most pleasure away from the storyline and just going rogue on Nazis (can't say "Na'zi" on Gamefly) towers, bases, etc. The graphics were above par, and I really liked the black and white tint that changed to color after you inspired the Resistance there.

But the AI was just terrible, but in kind of a fun way. I would be running around the outside edges of a bases, tacking off Nazis with my silenced pistol, and blowing up towers right behind Nazis backs, and then me, the only one in the area, wasn't even suspected once I got outside of the radius of the suspicion zone. In a way I liked not having to run a mile away in chase, but I also thought the AI should have a little more common sense to piece together: Dead Nazis, bullet holes in head, one guy that isn't German around... hmmm.

The main reason this game is even compared to Assassins Creed is because your ability to climb pretty much any building. It makes a nice effort, and if this were the first game that I had played with that ability, I probably would have been amazed, but AC blew it out of the water. I found myself trying to avoid climbing buildings if possible it was so much of a hassle.

In the GTA respect, it really felt like the Godfather's attempt the game. The cars handled mostly the same, the weapon's aiming systems, which I wasn't a huge fan of (just like I'm not a fan of GTA's), and the ability to commit pretty much any crime (which is fun.)

Definitely worth a rent if you just feel like killing some Nazis or enjoy a vengeance filled storyline.

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GF Rating


not to shabby

posted by bdyman (SCHERERVILLE, IN) Jan 20, 2010

Member since Oct 2009

at first glance, not to bad, i like the movie cut scenes, the swearing, the first half of the level was a bit slow but it warmed up real fast

i got up to the 3rd level, some parts of the game had a bit of lag in the graphics, never one miss with the audio, it makes the game some parts were weird like just climbing up a building.....i dont think this is a sipder man game

the A.I. is lacking in terms of realism, but the combat mode makes up for that, i would have kept the game but my fiance wouldnt let me to graphic for the kids to hear...blah...blah, its not for kids to play at all allot of nudity and swearing

overall great game for this company to go out on, i would buy it and keep playing if i have the chance again

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Above Average

not bad, just a little rushed

posted by chuck74 (SAN DIEGO, CA) Jan 19, 2010

Top Reviewer

Member since Dec 2009

The game is pretty good. The graphics are good. The story is interesting.

There were two main problems for me. The controls didn't work very well. Also, the checkpoint/save system was poorly implemented as it would jump you forward in the story at times when you died.

You could tell this was Pandemic's last game and they just weren't quite done with it before they had to release it. If they had a few more months it probably would have been a much more refined game.

Just a note as well that the language in the game is really strong. If that bothers you this is not a game you want to rent.

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