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Blowing stuff up is fun

posted by tjsmoke (NORTHAMPTON, PA) Dec 11, 2009

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"The Saboteur", Pandemic's (Mercenaries, Star Wars Battlefront) swan song, is a real nice way for the studio to go out. Applying the open world sandbox to a World War 2 setting, "The Saboteur" puts you in the shoes of one Sean Devlin, a hard drinking, foul mouthed Irishman caught in occupied Paris. The game throws you right into some action, as Devlin aids Luc, a member of the French Resistance, in blowing up a fuel depot. This first mission (and the flashback following it) serves as the tutorial, introducing you to the game's mechanics. Devlin can climb buildings, fight with both his fists and assorted weapons, and drive a multitude of cars through Paris and the French countryside. Graphics especially standout, with German occupied areas colored in shades of grey with hints of red. As Devlin liberates areas, color seeps back in, and in these areas Devlin will find more aid from other citizens (much in the same way the hero did in "Red Faction: Guerilla"). Controls work fairly well once you get used to them, though the targeting can be iffy at times and brawling can prove tricky. The stealth elements work okay, though it's often far easier to go in guns blazing. The nice thing is you have the choice for most of the missions on how to approach them. The story is fairly well written and the voice acting is pretty good. In addition to the story missions, there are side tasks to accomplish as well as free roaming destruction and exploration. The game gives you a lot to do, with about a 15 hour story mode and plenty of extra gameplay with the free roaming exploration and sabotage. While it borrows from other games (GTA, Assassin's Creed 2) it mixes the styles well. This is definitely a M-rated title (violence, language, nudity) so keep that in mind. If you want a different WW 2 game, give this one a try.

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Very Good

Not bad for what it is.

posted by SoNin360 (TOPEKA, KS) Aug 5, 2010

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The Saboteur really isn't as bad of a game as I expected. In fact it was pretty good. The gameplay is chaotic and for the most part fun. my only complaints would be the climbing mechanic, as climbing buildings is kind of lame, and how easy it can be to trigger an alarm and get chased around by Nazis for too long.

But other than that it is fun. More on the easy side if playing on any difficulty under "hard", but it's still awesome mowing down Nazis and blowing stuff up. Story itself last about 8 hours, side missions add a few more hours, and doing everything else (or achieving all the trophies) should take at least 30 hours. So it was definitely worth the rent, lasted me a good week. Probably wouldn't play through it again, but that was a lot of time spent for a more "unknown" title.

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Very Good

Great Game

posted by MadMike76 (BARTLESVILLE, OK) Jun 11, 2010

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I really enjoy this game. For all of you GTA fans... This is basically a 1940's WWII Germany version of Grand Theft Auto.

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