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Very Good

great game

posted by thescruffyghost (TACOMA, WA) Mar 14, 2012

Member since Mar 2012

it is indeed a great game created very well from the original but the story like is two quick i was able to beat the game in alittle more then 8 hours so this is a great game for gamefly but not to bye

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Review from long time SSX fan

posted by dfloss721 (GRAYSLAKE, IL) Mar 9, 2012

Top Reviewer

Member since Jun 2007

I've been playing SSX from the start, and will still dust off the old PS2 to play SSX Tricky. I was so excited for this reboot, I actually purchased it. It delivers a good overall package with plenty to do, but you may get sick of the limited race-types like I am.

The 3 game modes are Conquer the 9 Peaks, Explore, or Global Tour. The 3 race types are Survival, Race, and Trick. You earn medals separately in each mode, but in-game cash carries over. You can compete in globale events, play against rivals or friends, or compete against the CPU. This all takes place across the world's 9 biggest mountain ranges.

SSX this time around was focused heavily on global competition and leaderboards. It's addicting trying to post a top score over friends or make your money back on the 100k buy-in you paid for the race. It seems to be focused around bragging rights.

The cool new addition of Geo-Tags was one of my favorites. You can place them all over any map, purposely so people won't find them to earn more XP. Place them when you fall down a crevace so nobody finds that sucker. It's fun and helps you earn more XP.

Each peak also has unique challenges, like Ice, Darkness, or rocky terrain. These obstacles are very difficult and that makes this the hardest SSX around. Good thing you can purchase perks like Ice Axes to help carve, Wingsuits to fly gaps, Headlamps to see in the darkness, and much more.

With over 150 total races to compete in over 9 locations across the globe, SSX is a great game that newcomers or vets can pickup. The classic controls give you an old school feel for the vets, but I loved the new controls just as much. Get some friends to play with and SSX becomes that much better of a game. Hit me up if you want a chance to beat my scores. Good luck!

Milt Drucker

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Killer Rush!!!!!!!!!

posted by fantasy_boy (NEWPORT, TN) Mar 8, 2012

Member since May 2011

It's about time that they got a fun snowboaring game that has killer graphics.....Hope they will come out with more like this one

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